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Friday, April 22, 2011

Same Ole, Same Ole

So, my life in Russia is shaping up to be pretty much like my life in the States!  I thought that time would move slower here, and that I would have all of this free time on my hands, but so far, that is not the case!  I cannot believe that it is already Friday, where has my week gone?

Earlier in the week, my mantra was to be flexible because you know what a stickler for naps I am with Isla.  Now, I can see that it is going to be a real challenge balancing the rest her growing body needs with connecting with people on their time (not my time!).  I have been a little too flexible and this morning, she was just exhausted, and when she gets tired, she gets uncoordinated.  She lost her balance and fell and hit the coffee table, and had a bloody lip/gum.  Thankfully she was fine, and it wasn’t much blood, but I know that it had a lot to do with being so tired.

Sunday we went to church as usual, and I was so touched because Isla’s adopted Babushka, Natasha, had knitted her a pair of booties.  Then someone else from the church remembered that it was her birthday and brought her a cake!  It was so cute to see all of the little kids SCREAM, and I mean SCREAM for JOY when they saw it.  It was so precious, and everyone sang her Happy Birthday.  We have been so blessed to find our church, and knowing that God prepared a place for us before we even arrived.  As a side note, Isla has started SCREAMING for JOY whenever she hears sounds that might be her Daddy coming home.  She is such a Daddy’s girl!

Monday is usually a day that I try to keep low key, so that we can rest up from the weekend.  We had friends for dinner and I made Gumbo because ****WE FOUND CRAWFISH TAILS IN RUSSIA****!!! The Gumbo was terrible because I had never made it before but when you find crawfish tails in unexpected places… you make Gumbo.  Next on my list, etouffee!

Tuesday was a very full day because we had a luncheon for some very BIG big wigs that flew in from Nick’s company.  I got to sit right next to the guy who is next in line to the CEO of Nick’s company (lucky me!).  Not awkward at all.  I didn’t know how important he was was or else I would have been more charming… :).  Just kidding, I would have been the same.  Thankfully Nick doesn’t care who I impress or don’t impress and is proud of me no matter what!  I feel the same way about him.

Wednesday I met my friend for a play date!  That was just plain old AWESOME. She has a little girl who is only 6 month older than Isla and I can’t wait to get together again.  Wednesday night we had our pastor and his wife over for dinner, and we had a great time!  I hope that we become good friends.

Thursday I went with friends to the market and shopping.

Today I am going shopping with a friend again, and tonight I think that I am going to a Women’s Bible Study, but I don’t know yet.

Tomorrow we go to an Easter Festival though our church!  I am very excited about that!

Now factor in a little crawling devil angel named Isla, a deadline that I have for the work that I do on the side, cleaning, and shopping/cooking that I have to do much more than I did in the states and that takes much more time… and you have a very full week!  Plus naps.  On top of that… I have a little prayer request.  I have been feeling very fatigued (I am NOT pregnant), and I don’t know why.  We are going to Moscow next week for Isla’s 1 year check up, and I might try to get in a see a Doctor at the clinic there.

And I still have to plan several trips that we have coming up… the most important trip?  When my Mom comes in a couple of weeks!  We have decided to visit St. Petersburg instead of Vienna, and I need to start planning, for real.

We have also been getting a lot of calls on our Vonage phone!  I’m so sorry if I haven’t called you, but so far its a LIFO system.  Last night for example, I talked to my MIL who has been trying to get in touch with me, and my favorite cousin Hunter called me out of the blue and we talked for a long time!  I will get to calling people SOON, I promise.

So life in Russia is pretty much like life in the US!  Except I don’t speak the language… egad, I need to start fitting in Russian language lessons soon.

I need a nap!

Ohhh!!!  But update on the vanilla farm.  Its has become my therapy.  Some garden.  Others make vanilla!  I have about 7 bottles going and I love to look at them and smell them and swirl them around.  Every,time I go to the store I look for an interesting bottle of cheap bottle to make a new bottle of vanilla, and then when I get stressed out, I go and cut up the vanilla beans and stick them in.  I don’t know why I find it so relaxing.

Now its off to get my girl!


  1. St Petersburg, I can hardly wait but the best part will be going with you and Isla! How sweet of Hunter to call, are we blessed with family, or what? Also I am the same way about my vanilla, I never get tired of checking on it.Kendall lost her second tooth last night, she wrote you a message but sealed the envelope so I have no idea what it says.
    So glad allmis going well, don't for get your vitamin D. Starting on Shawna's nursery this weekend can't wait to send you the pictures. Love you lots, mom

  2. Pictures of vanilla pleeeeeeease. :) I love this hobby, for real. Martha Stewart would be so proud!

    It sounds like you're adjusting well to life in Russia, and I'm so happy for y'all. xoxox


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