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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Thursday

Is it the end of the day Thursday already?  Well in Russia it is I mean… for most of the people who read this blog in the states, it is still only mid morning.  Get jealous people… I am 9 hours closer to Friday than all of you!

I mentioned on Saturday that we went to lunch with most of the people here from Nick’s company.  Did I mention this?228720_10150167809223380_636798379_7007884_5914593_nThat’s what happens when Mommy delegates dressing Isla to Daddy! :)  And that’s also what happens when Isla has a Mommy too absentminded to notice that her dress is on backwards until someone at the restaurant points it out! 

In all fairness to Nick, he is so hands on that when he is home, he dresses her 90% of the time, and has seldom made any mistakes.  He also bathes her 100% of the time, and feeds her 50% of the time!  He is such a huge help; I am especially appreciative and thankful for him when he travels, like right now.  Thank goodness he is coming home on Saturday!  I love Isla and I cherish almost every minute with her, but right now I am so glad to see her go to bed… of course then I feel guilty once she’s in bed because I know that 30 years from now I will wish that I had a little chunky, monkey following me around and crying when I leave the room!  But definitely, she wears me out by the end of the day.

Also in other Isla related news, I am no longer dressing her in anything but a diaper when at home until either she starts walking or we get carpets!  Whenever I put clothes on her, she slides all over the slick floor in them, and that is actually pretty cute, but she also slips and slides when she doesn’t want to.  Today she slipped and fell right into the corner of our bed frame, and thank goodness the comforter was covering it, but as it is, she still got a bruise right under her beautiful little eye.  It made me sick to my stomach.

Monday Nick goes back to Moscow for two weeks… but Isla and I are going with him!  We will return a little early with my Mom the following Tuesday.  Yay!

Also, here is a picture of my new nephew, Finley – Finn for short!  Less than 3 months away, and I can hardly wait!!!  I hope I don’t have to wait until Christmas to see him.

226232_10150172788485798_840870797_6688151_62317_sI swiped this picture off of Facebook, and that’s the best I can get it.  Its almost better smaller though, I didn’t realize that it was a close up of his sweet little face until I saw it small like this.

We finally got our real car and driver today.  The car is a silver Mitsubishi Pajero, and our driver is named Andre.  I think he will be good.  He’s nice so far, and he followed me into the store and helped me with the cashier and also getting my produce labeled.  It was a little weird having someone follow me around, and I was so embarrassed when I inevitably remembered something I needed and had to go return to a part of the store that I had already been to!  I am kind of spastic when I shop, and aimlessly wonder around, so I wonder what he must think of me or if that gets on his nerves.

Alright… there is a box of Guylian chocolate sea shells calling my name.  I think that I will watch a little TV and then turn in early.  My brain is too tired even for Playstation!


  1. I love love love that she had her dress on backwards!!!! Daddys are so cute!

  2. that's classic the dress. It's the best exhausted ever, being a parent, but it is still exhaustion!! Love your Nephew's name . . . what a handsome little guy. Anyone who can look that cute in an u/s pic has got to be gorgeous!


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