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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Story – Part 1

So, a while back Cindy posted the story about how she and her husband met and started dating and finally got married.  I thought that that was such a great idea and I planned to do one last year on April 5th while I was awaiting Isla’s arrival… but I didn’t.  Then I was going to do one a few days ago on April 5th… but I didn’t.  I could write this and then publish is on April 5th next year, but I’m not going to because I am getting old and the details are getting fuzzy!  This is just going to have to go up a few days past April 5th.  Plus, I want to be able to do a post on our proposal for June 12th of this year too too.

As of a few days ago, on April 5th in case you didn’t catch that, Nick and I have been together for 8 years.  It is a long time if you are 27, but the truth is that I have always sort of viewed us in the long term.  So 8 years is not that long at all, when you consider that we could be married for 75 years if we both live into our 90s!  We should have no problem making it to 50 years of marriage :).

Nick and I met at Denny’s restaurant in College Station.  Nick went to high school with one of my engineering team partners, Henry (of the Borchard Bliss fame), and we were all in the same physics class.  I don’t remember noticing Nick before then, however he remembers me!  This is my story, so I am going to stick to my side, but I have his story in a safe place for Isla to have one day. As a side note, Nick once wrote me about five special times we spent together before we started dating, and I realized that Henry was at every single one of those events!

Its so funny, but the I remember thinking that Nick was not that bright!  How wrong first impressions are.  Not true if you know him, but in spite of the fact that he is exceptionally intelligent (he managed to get a full Stanford masters degree in 10 months with excellent grades), he is very humble about it (I am not humble about him, I am very proud of my smart hubby).  He doesn’t correct people.  He doesn’t go on and on about an obvious topic ad nauseum.  He has a sweet, slow smile and little bit of a Texas accent so people tend to underestimate him, like I did.  But the truth is that he was not prepared for the test the next day (very unlike him) and Electricity is not his thing!

The second thing about him is that I remember how I much I liked the way he said my name.  He says “esses (s)” a little differently than most.

That was it.  I love looking back on the fact that that was the night I was meeting my husband, and I had absolutely no idea.  I was very clueless for a very long time in spite of the fact that there were many signs pointing me in his direction.  You never know how people will impact your life.  Just like I never could have guessed when I met my penpal three years ago that I would come to enjoy her letters and advice and cherish her so much!  Its just crazy BUT still so intentional the way that God works, and I try to remember that when I start to discount people that I have just met.

That was freshman year, second semester, and Nick and I ran in the same circle of friends, but we were not close.  Sophomore year was a hard year for me.  I hate to admit it, but I was dating someone else at the time, and things were not going well, and I was trying to end that relationship.  For some reason, first semester of sophomore year I was not in any of the same classes as my group of friends, except for Nick in our Calculus 3 class (also in the class, my ex).  Even though he and I were not close, although still friends, I was always so happy to see him!  So happy since he was the only link to friends that I loved so much!

As we continued to hang out in the same group, I developed such a high opinion of Nick.  I mean I had so much respect for him.  I even tried to set him up with other people without ever thinking about him for me.  I thought that he was so nice and smart… and all of my friends were so impressed with how athletic he was and his perfect six pack! :)  That makes me cringe to put it on paper, but its true.  He was a runner, and he benched close to 300 lbs at the time.  I am always in awe of athletic people because I am so not that way.  Even with that, I had no idea that I liked him!

I remember one time we all went out dancing as friends, and Nick and I danced together a lot and had a blast.  I still had no idea that I liked him.

Then another time, we all went out to dinner as friends, and I went to hug Nick for a good bye and it was like something out of a novel.  There was this connection… a spark or something, and he felt it too… but still, I had no idea that I liked him.

I am very thankful that Nick and I were friends for over a year before we started dating.  It was a wonderful foundation for our relationship.  Plenty of couples like each other, but say that they are going to be “just friends” all while nursing a crush on one another, but it was not like that with us.  We were “just friends” and only friends.  It helped me develop the enormous respect that I have for him, even to this day.

When I finally managed to extricate myself from my disastrous relationship, my ex said (very upset) “I know your going to date Nick Wann.  I know it!”  He must have seen something that I didn’t because I just laughed over it with my best friend, Emily. “Where did he get that idea?” I asked.

Turns out… he was right!

Part 2, coming soon…


  1. Even though I know the whole story, can't wait til part 2. We are so thankful for Nick.

  2. So sweet!!! And I agree...I love how God brings people in your life and at the time you have no idea what a profound impact they will have in your life. I need to do something similar for Matthew....esp since our anniversary is soon :)


  3. I love Nick and I'm so thankful that he's my brother in law. I'm even more thankful and feel so blessed that you picked a perfect mate for you and father for my sweet niece. XOXO

  4. precious! I always love a good romance. :)

  5. Wow, that feels like so long ago! I remember the first time you came home and told me about the cowboy hat (I'm sure is part of part 2) I was like, "what?" Lol, because you and Nick were only friends for so long! I don't think I know anyone that has a more solid relationship than you two!


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