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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Apartment With Air Shipment

Ok, so I may have taken too many pictures!  Excuse me if its too much detail… I know our parents will appreciate these.  We keep playing around with the layouts, especially Isla’s room and the living room. 

From what I can tell, everything is from IKEA.  Ok by me, I am becoming very fond of IKEA!  I am not a trendy, stylish person by anyone’s standards, so its kind of fun having such a stylish apartment!

Standing in the entryway to our dining room, kitchen on the right, living room on the left.  I’m sorry about the exposure, some of these turned out a little goofy.  Those roses are Isla’s, a present from Jenny for her birthday!  Hrmmm… looking at the table like this makes me want to move it a little to the right.  I was hoping to maybe be a buffet or something, but I will just have to see how much it costs.P1050841Our kitchen with balcony to the left!!!  I bought the island at IKEA in the states and sent in our air shipment.  I am going to get bar stools for extra seating!  Only other addition is the water dispenser… an awesome investment!  I don’t know how I have lived this long without one.P1050843Living room!  We have arranged and rearranged this room, but Nick and I like this way because it feels the most conversational :).  I definitely want to get a few more bookshelves from a IKEA.P1050845Just kind of a random observation… I wanted to move the sofa cushions, but they are zipped to the couch.  Weird, huh?P1050846The view from the dining room, into our entry way to the left, and bedrooms, closets and bathrooms on the right.  I guess this is a second entryway, I call it the foyer, but we are using it as an office right now.  I actually love having the desk in this location because Isla can be playing either in the living room or in her bedroom, and I can hear her or get to her fast while I am working.P1050849 Entryway with three closets.P1050850 View from the entryway, onto the desk and dining area.P1050851View from Isla’s room.  The first door you see is to the half bath, and the second door is to the closet.  That is where Isla is sleeping right now because its the only room dark enough.  I didn’t both to get new photos of the bathrooms because they look the same as the other pictures I took and there were dirty clothes on the floor in one (master) and Isla’s potty training stuff in the other (half).  I am going to put the bookshelf that is currently in Isla’s room along this wall at a later date.P1050852Check out the doors to our rooms… pretty cool, huh?  WRONG.  They are the bane of my existence.  Assuming that we ever get Isla’s windows covered up enough, we still have to deal with all of the light that comes into her room through these all the way from the living room!  Her room is so bright.P1050848Isla’s room, curtains opened and closed.  With curtains closed the room gets bright gold. P1050854Isla’s room, curtains opened.  I just rearranged this furniture once again last night.  I don’t like it, but it gives the most room for her to run around.  I will get it figured out once the rest of her stuff gets here.  The apartment happened to come with the exact same bookcase that I bought for her room, except in black/brown.  I am going to move it into the office/foyer area when the white one comes in.  We are using a suitcase as a toy box right now.P1050856View from the window.  Emily’s quilt came in our suitcase because I didn’t want it to get ruined or stolen… but I was afraid to leave in the hotel room because then I though it might get stolen there!  I am so glad to have it.  It makes the room so cozy.P1050857Our bedroom.  There is a balcony to the left.  Its pretty good sized, but I didn’t get a picture of it.  Its filled with boxes that we are slowly getting rid of. P1050859It came with the TV in our room.  We will never use it.  I have a strict no TV in the bedroom rule!  Ugh.  I shudder just thinking about it.  Other than that, I love the room.  Even the curtains that came with the room work well with the rest of the bedding we have coming.P1050860We have more pillows and our duvet from the states coming later.  The accent wall paper should work well with the duvet that we already have.P1050862 That is it folks!  I hope you enjoyed our Russian home tour!!!

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