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Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking Forward to Tomorrow…

But first, today!  Today I got a little test on what I have been reminded of constantly about grocery shopping when you live in Russia… to be flexible!  And also to plan on things taking much longer than you thought.  I am making dinner for a friend tonight, and I have only three confirmed dishes so far that I can make in Russia with what I regularly find in the stores and with what cooking apparatus I have on hand.

So I set out today to go to a grocery store called Perry Kristock (sp?) that I visited on our pre-assignment trip, but I haven’t been to since we moved here.  I thought it would be so quick, in and out, and home to put Isla to bed!  Its a nice store, but unfortunately on arrival, I found that the shopping carts did not have a place for Isla to sit.  I tried putting her in the big basket, but after about five minutes of her ripping into packages, trying to throw things out of the cart, and standing up and trying to crawl out… I realized that this was not going to work!

Meanwhile it was naptime, which means fussy girl, which always puts a time limit on errand running!  So I told my driver to head on over to Tabris, the very nice store right next to our apartment where I knew I could get everything I needed.  FALSE.  I could not get everything I needed!  They were out of bell peppers, which up to now I have found everywhere.  Thankfully today I have a driver who speaks English, and he directed me to a little outdoor minimarket not too far from Tabris, where I was able to locate bell peppers.  But then I realized that I had forgotten Pampers, much needed because Isla was wearing her very last diaper!  So it was back to Tabris where I ran inside quickly and picked up her diapers.

Thankfully upon arriving at home, Isla was more than ready to go down for her nap an hour late, and I am able to get to cooking for my friend!!!

And tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow morning, our air shipment arrives at 10 AM!  Whoopee! And I will have the pleasure of all of the following items:

1. Ikea Kitchen Island (2 boxes)

2. Play Pen (2 boxes)

3. Diapers (1 box)

4. Pullups (1 box)

5. Child potty

6. 4 bowls

7. 4 small plates

8. 4 large plates

9. Transformer

10. Kitchen aid chopper

11. Kitchen aid hand mixer

12. 22 Baby/Childrens books

13. Activity Walker (children’s toy)

16. 1 box band aids

17. 1 box Airborne

18. Playstation 3

19. 1 package razor blades

20. 1 package Dove soap

21. 2 packages aluminum foil

22. 1 package plastic wrap

23. 1 memory foam pad

24. 4 plug adapters

25. 1 box baby wipes

26. 1 box dish washing detergent

27. 1 puzzle

28. 1 box sandwich bags

29. 1 cutting board

30. 2 Calphalon pots with glass lids

31. 1 cheese slicer

32. 1 spatula

33. 1 set of measuring spoons

34. 1 set of measuring cups

35. 1 lunch box

36. 1 colander

37. 1 mixing bowl

38. 1 pair baby shoes

39. 14 baby spoons

40. 4 sippy cups

41. 8 toddler spoons

42. 1 snack bowl

43. 1 box dryer sheets

44. 1 aluminum pan with cover

45. 1 full set of silverware (12 knives, 24 forks, 24 spoons, serving pieces)

46. 2 high chair toys

47. 1 package toilet paper

48. 2 baby books

49. 1 shoe care kit

50. 3 packages of Children’s flash cards

51. 1 baby beach ball

52. 2 white bath mats, small

53. 1 large brown bath mat

54. 2 pairs of slippers

55. 1 pair of tennis shoes

56. 34 baby outfits

57. 3 pairs men’s blue jeans

58. 10 men’s shirts

59. 5 men’s slacks

60. 1 jacket

61. Child’s activity table

***Items 14 and 15 removed for good reason. :)

And then the day after tomorrow??? We start POTTY TRAINING!  Whoopee.  Only 3 months late, but like I said before, I am giving myself a pass on some things.  We will be one step closer to no more diapers.  I simply cannot wait!


  1. woah, I am majorly impressed you are willing to potty train Isla this early. You have some gumption!!! Please post some "clean" updates I love hearing about what you are doing.

  2. I cannot wait to hear about potty training!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a chronicle of it! And....your approach :) Sorry, I am needy. I am ready to start, but Addison must walk first. I cannot carry her to the potty every hour!!

    You are such a trooper. I would have been in tears after all that :)

    YAY FOR THE AIR SHIPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So happy the air shipment is supposed to come tomorrow, I prayed for it this morning. I remember Aleta said she had her kids potty trained at 14 months, so guess it can be done. Let's do skype, very soon. Love you lots!

  4. Lauren, No gumption, really! It can be done, it just takes a little bit longer than if you wait until later... and what else do I have to do???

    Kelly, I am just going to take her to the potty every hour and hope that she goes and make a big fuss if she does! That's my strategy.

    Mom, 14 months may be a stretch! I expect it to take about 6 months. I really mean that I am going to be begin potty training... not finish potty training. When she is potty trained it up to her!

  5. Excited for your shipment, that must be exciting for you!! Like everyone else, I'm totally intrigued about the potty training at 12 months (even more that you are about 3 months behind on your plan). I've heard about people doing it when kids are that young. like everyone else, I want to read all about it. (and I'm sure when Isla is about 10 or 12 she will be very very thankful for a tinkle by tinkle account of her potty training.:)

  6. This is mom trying to get dad signed up on your blog. Love you!!!

  7. Good luck with the potty training! Annie is almost 2 and 1/2 and doesn't want to do it. I think she understands more now because she says "uh oh potty!" right after she wets her pull up, but when I want her to sit on the potty she runs away "no no no no no!". I'm not pushing too hard because when she wants to do it she will. I don't want it to be a bad experience for her.

    Oh, when we started we would sit on the potty every 30 minutes or so, and I thought we would get the timing right every now and then. She would sit there for forever then wait until I put her panties on to go. I think she is used to having something on when she tinkles so it felt unnatural to go on the potty.

    Our biggest success is in the morning. If I can get her right as she is waking up and go straight to the potty then we are successful.

    Hope it goes well for you and Isla is interested!


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