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Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are in Moscow!

Hey, what’s up?

We have been in Moscow for about 30 hours and have done nothing but sleep, eat, then sleep some more!  I can’t believe that its been almost two Houston days since we left.  This is has been a faassstttt almost 48 hours!

Our trip over was pretty uneventful, except that I couldn’t sleep for some reason; I think its because I can’t turn off my Isla detector and I am always listening for her in situations like that.  Isla did great!  She slept most of the flight over since it happened during her regular night time sleep.  She alternated between her carseat (in her own seat) and cuddled up with me!  Our seats turned into a fairly wide bed with place at the top left for my head and my bottom right for my feet.  Isla started out in her seat, but then she cried out at one point so I moved her over to cuddle with me.  About an hour later, the flight attendant came rushing over in a panic saying “Where is Isla? Where is Isla?” because she couldn’t see Isla as she had huddled up near my feet (she moves a lot when she sleeps).  I don’t know how the flight attendant knew, but she got to me right before the worst turbulence I have ever experienced in my life happened, so I was able to move Isla up by me and under my safety belt.  After that, Isla couldn’t get comfortable trying to sleep with her infant seat belt attached to my belt, and I didn’t want to her to be able to move around anymore, so I just moved her back to her seat and there she slept for the rest of the flight!  I got a chance to watch a sanitized version Black Swan, which was pretty good, although not Oscar-worthy IMHO.

I have gotten so spoiled since Nick’s company has paid for business class seats up until now, but from here on out, until we get home for good, we are all in coach!  Boo.

It took us about two and half hours to get to our hotel because of Moscow traffic, and we passed out once we got to the hotel at around 5 PM (Russia Time).  We woke up at 10 PM and ordered room service, and tried to go back to sleep off and on until about 5 AM.  I am trying to keep Isla in bed during the night, so she alternates between her bed and our bed.  Most of the time she plays between Nick and I.  She likes to throw herself on us, and with her Dad she will bite him, pull his hair, and smack his face to wake him up.  She underestimates what a deep sleeper he is!  She also talks and babbles and coos a lot.  We finally got back to sleep at 5 until 8, when we all got up and went for breakfast.  We got back to the room and got Nick dressed for the office and I laid Isla down for her nap.  I had big plans to wake her up at noon to help get her adjusted to the time change, but Nick came home after less than an hour since there was nothing for him to do and we all crawled back into bed and slept for another 6 hours!  It was a set back, but I figured that I better sleep while Isla sleeps, and family naps are so much fun!

After that we got up and went and ate with one of Nick’s coworkers, then came back to the room to set up our web cam, and I Skyped with my mom for about 45 minutes.  We got Isla back to bed, and here I am writing this boring old blog post!

So that is what we have been doing for the past 48 hours!  Tomorrow I will probably hang around the hotel while Nick goes and gets his work permit and sets up our Russian bank account, and then Saturday we are going to go and do a little bit of sight seeing and Sunday we head off for Novo!  We got some bad news that our apartment won’t be ready until April 1, so we will be in a hotel until then, but at least we will get to see it.  I will take pictures of the progress and post them because I know our parents will be dying to see them!

My friend Virginia has just moved to Novo this past week, and if you are interested to see what someone else there is experiencing, you can check out her blog on my sidebar entitled Pura Vida!


  1. So happy to year y'all made it there safely!

  2. What's your skype name? mine is jessica.gribnau1. I would love to make sure the girls see eachother often


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