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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Novo News!

Well hello there for the SECOND time!!! I wrote this all up on Live Writer to run out into the hallway to publish, and somehow I lost it.  The temptation would be to type up a much shorter second version, but detail, details, details are what the parents have asked for and details, details, details are what the parents are going to get!!!

We have now been in Novo for two days, and other than feeling totally overwhelmed the first night, I have been all smiles since then!  This is a very exciting time, and I serve an awesome God. :)

The flight over from Moscow to Krasnodar was pretty uneventful except that we were accompanied by Rena and Dave, the couple that showed us around our first visit here.  Dave works with Nick, and we are completely indebted to them!  They have been such a huge help with getting adjusted and settled, and they were a big help in the airports trying to navigate everything with a baby and all of our luggage.  Hopefully we won’t have to travel with that much gear again!  Rena and Dave both adore Isla, and she gets a big kick out of them, so I am sure that we will be spending a lot more time together.

As for our free Saturday in Moscow, this is what we ended up doing:

DSC_0966-1 I am totally ashamed that we did not get out and sightsee and take advantage of the time that we had there, but I know that we will have plenty more opportunities to visit in better weather, when we speak more Russian, and we are not totally exhausted because our jetlagged baby kept us up all of the night before! (Excuses, excuses, I know!)

In other Moscow news, guess which big girl learned to drink from her sippy cup?

DSC_0972-1 Sunday night our friends Ryan and Virginia invited us over for pizza (yum yum), and then we just went back to Hotel Novorossiysk for the night.  Since our apartment won’t be finished until April 1st, we are staying in a little apartment like room here!  Here are pictures if you are dying to know where we are staying… in other words if your first names happen to be MELODY or LISA, otherwise, its probably not that interesting.

Our kitchenette-ette:DSC_0974-1The living room:DSC_0976View from entry way:DSC_0977   Our bedroom:DSC_0981 The study:DSC_0978The bathroom (four times the size of our kitchenette-ette):DSC_0980  Cute baby:DSC_0950

Yesterday Isla and I hung around the hotel, and then we went to McDonalds with Nick!  Talk about surreal.  I never dreamed that I would go to a MacDonalds in a chauffer driven BMW in the middle of Russia! We arrived to eat our greasy, American fast food in style.  For the record, we will not have a BMW when we get our permanent car, but we will keep the driver.  The reason, people drive crrrazy eights here, and we can’t even understand the signs, and we couldn’t communicate if we were ever pulled over by the police!

We ended up leaving MacDonald’s and went and ate at Cafe Aroma instead where I had a Greek salad and chicken noodle soup… so delicious.  We also ate out last night at an Italian place with a real Italian chef and I got another Greek salad and Nick and I split a pizza.  I am going to get so fat off of the food here!  Not because its fattening, but because its so delicious and I want to eat everything.  Its all freshly prepared and so light, and not at all processed or heavy.  I hope we get to go out again tonight!

After we ate lunch, Nick and I went to the local Hypermart, Lenta, which is like Wal-Mart, only it has a Sam’s industrial feel.  We bought some food, in addition to some cleaning things.  This morning I went and I looked at our apartment, and I hung out with Rena for a little while, and now Isla is taking a long nap, and I am just resting and catching up on blogging!

Isla has not done well with the time change, but last night seemed like she was doing a little bit better.  She was only up for two hours, and we managed to get her back to sleep with out getting her up and playing with her and she spent most of the night in her pack and play.  I think she’ll be back to sleeping through in a couple of days, especially since we can get her on a routine in Novo and we don’t have to share a room in this hotel like we did in Moscow.  She can nap in peace and in her own bed, which Mommy and Daddy like A LOT in spite of all of the adorable pictures! And the cuddling, I love cuddling.  I love those two.

DSC_0942I will try to update as I can, but I mentioned before its hard because I have to leave the room and go out by the elevators to access the internet.  I am excited to get into our apartment, but in the mean time, I am enjoying staying in a hotel and having someone else make my bed and clean my bathroom!

Talk to you soon!



  1. LOVE IT! So glad to hear you are all smiles I was very worried about you guys being too homesick, but I am impressed you are taking on such a big adventure. LOVE the pictures of your hotel apartment and your new HOME.

    I love your kitchen, thats pretty spectacluar! Please keep running to the hallway and updating, its so nice to see what you are up to!

  2. I love my fleshy little grandaughter and miss her so much already. Try and put her in every picture you take:) Love you lots

  3. The first time I went to Europe, I remember how struck I was by the freshness and quality of food -- especially in every day bread. It seems like what they've got for breakfasts is something we think should be for special occasions only! I bet you won't get fat, because the food is higher quality. Plus, you are at tiny person. :)


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