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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Supermarket Run = Success!!!

DOH. I did it again.  Windows Live Writer is a pain in my boo-tay.  I don’t know why it doesn’t have an automatic save and/or prompt you to save when you close out of it. But bottom line, fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  I will rewrite this post once again.

We met with the Pastor at the Calvary Chapel today, and he was super nice, and he spoke perfect English.  Props to my husband for finding his contact information!  He lived with an American missionary family in St. Petersburg, where he is from for two years and he does a lot of work with Calvary Chapel out of Spokane, Washington.  His wife also speaks English so I cannot wait to meet her!

He invited us to church this Saturday and also told us about a few other Protestant churches in town.  One of them, a Baptist church, meets in our hotel on Saturdays at 11 AM.  The Calvary Chapel doesn’t start until 2 PM, so we are going to try to attend both of them this weekend.  For the record, I am rooting for the Calvary Chapel!  I sincerely hope that Nick and I can dive right in and serve in some way.

He also invited us to a play this weekend.  I think that I have already seen the play in college.  My BFF Emily and I went on a heinous double date that involved the play and then dinner afterwards.  We took a trip to the bathroom and tried to plan our getaway, but when it came time to execute the plan, we both started laughing hysterically.  I don’t think we fooled the two boys that we went out with…  But back to the play, it’s not my type of evangelism, but it takes all kinds and it will be interesting to see it in Russian.  Hopefully we can find a babysitter for Isla!

Nick accidentally dropped his cell phone in the lobby and he couldn’t find it before work, so I had to make a stop on my way to the supermarket to take it to him.  It was really cool to see where he works and to meet the few of his coworkers that were there.

As for our driver, he doesn’t speak any English and I don’t speak any Russian, but we manage somehow.  Occasionally we need to call in a third party to interpret for us.  His name is Nicolai, which makes it easy for me to remember!  He keeps a Playboy magazine and a bottle of Vodka in the pouch behind the Driver and Passenger seats… I would be worried that he’s using the BMW for illicit purposes after hours, but today I found that he had gone and tightened Isla’s car seat on his own initiative.  It is in there tight!  It is not going anywhere and he even used his own papers to level it.  I was touched.

I am so proud of myself that I managed a trip to the grocery store all by myself!  With a baby.  Its not really saying much since the supermarket is very high end for Russia, think Whole Foods compared to Wal-Mart, and it accepts credit cards.  I am not ready to brave the local farmers’ market by myself yet!  The check out lady did not want to accept my card.  I told her that I didn’t speak Russian, in Russian, and she gave me a disgusted look and called over her manager.  I don’t know what the problem was because the manager told her to go ahead and swipe the card, and sure enough, it worked fine!  The supermarket is only 100 ft away from the apartment where most of the families will be living, so its good to have such a nice place so close.

One random thing… the supermarket is two story and to get to the second story, there is a people mover (like the things you have at the airports… I don’t know what they are called) on a ramp, and when you go on it with your cart the wheel lock.  Its pretty cool.

I am trying to really go with the flow when we go to the supermarket.  I don’t go in with many expectations so I can declare every visit a success!  The first day Nick and I bought cherry juice instead of cranberry juice and sparkling instead of still water; and you know what?  When you mix the two, they taste like a liquid cherry jolly rancher!  I can’t wait to make our new cocktail for my mom when she comes to visit.  My plan is to just decide what to make for dinner based on what I find at the market and/or grocery store that day until I am more comfortable with the names and brands.  In the mean time, its fine if I accidentally buy the wrong thing.  Its part of the fun.

Tonight we are having hot dogs for dinner!  That was something I recognized and knew how to make in a microwave. :)

Isla is doing so much better with sleep!  Last night we put her to bed at 7:15 PM, and she slept until 9:15 PM.  Nick and I decided to get her up to play with her since we thought it might keep her from being up at 2 AM.  We put her to bed at 10 PM, and sure enough, she slept until we woke her up at 7 AM!  She will be back to 7 to 7 sleep patterns in no time.  She has been napping great too.  I can honestly say that I would not be handling this transition as well if I didn’t have these down moments while she is sleeping to collect my thoughts.  I love having a Babywise baby!

I think that is it for now!  I have to sneak out fast since Isla will be up any minute since I had to retype this thing.

Lots of love,

PS.  This one is for the grandparents.  I walked out while packing the other day, and big girl had climbed in to help on her own initiative!



  1. The Target in D.C. is two stories, and we've got that same people mover. It was the first time I'd seen it. City living, I guess!

  2. Isla is so cute she is edible! Enjoying reading about your experiences and adventure! Continues prayers for you all!

  3. Haha, I died laughing when you referenced our double date! Looks like yall are doing well! I'm going to be a better blog follower from now on for your sake. :-)


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