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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Update

Oh no!  Guess who has figured out how to open her puff’s container???  I usually let her play with it, but after today, no more or else Mama is going to have a huge mess on her hands. Smart girl.DSC_0935 DSC_0936 DSC_0937 DSC_0938 DSC_0939 DSC_0940 DSC_0941I swear I dress her everyday, but we are scraping the bottom of the barrel clothes wise and I don’t want her to get her clothes for our get-together this afternoon dirty.  My friend Virginia is letting me come over tomorrow and do laundry!  It is badly needed, and hopefully will get us through until we are in our apartment.

Last night we skipped the hot dogs and went out for dinner to an Armenian/Georgian place for dinner.  I was feeling slightly brave since Isla had done so well the night before and napped so well that day and I was getting cabin fever.  The food was delish, but I accidently left my to-go box in the car this morning… boo.  No leftover potato kebob for me!  I love potatoes.  Luckily they had a highchair at the restaurant.  Isla does really well in those situations (for a baby – she still managed to knock my napkin and eating utensils on the floor), but I think that this is just not the season of our lives to be eating out a lot.  The restaurants here usually don’t have high chairs and are filled with smoke!  I don’t think we’ll be eating out as a family much once we get into our apartment.

Little Frances did so well once again last night!  We put her to bed at 9 PM once we got back from the restaurant and she slept all the way through to 7 AM. Go Isla! Go Isla! Go Isla!  I am letting her nap until she wakes up this morning because this afternoon, we are going to Rena’s house along with all of the other expat wives.  I may bring my camera and see if I can get pictures, but I don’t know.  We don’t know where our camera charger is… :/ and I need to save my battery for pictures of Isla for the grand parents.

This picture is just to prove that she is sleeping in her own bed again and to provide my mom with fleshy Isla pics!  Also, I am glad that I didn’t load up on fleece pajamas for her because it is so HOT in the hotel at night hence the diapie jammies.  The heat is centrally managed so the only way to control it is to open windows, and then I freeze when they are open, so we keep them closed and sleep light.


Isla at bath time!  Her two little Chiclet teeth are precious, but I wish that she would get a few more in.  I am a little obsessed with this cutie pie!DSC_0934I think that’s it since last I blogged.  Hopefully no is getting tired me going into my day ad nauseum.

Also, I just finished Radical by David Platt, and I am in the middle of Crazy Love by Francis Chan (purchased on my new Nook! I love it, but the irony of reading these books on a grown up toy has not escaped me). Heavy stuff.

My love to all,


Ps.  In the meantime, could you all be praying that the Holy Spirit would descend upon me and allow me to speak in tongues… the Russian tongue that is! Thank you.


  1. I love all of the updates and details! I secretly hope we can go on an adventure like this some day :)

  2. I'm totally living vicariously . . . but in the comfort of my own home and surroundings. Definitely save the battery for pics of Isla. Love the fleshy pics. :) praying!

  3. Stori and Nick,

    We miss you and I have loved reading your blog. Your apartment is awesome! It is so funny about your orange closet, and you guys seem so happy. I think about you guys all the time, and am going to make it a habbit to come to barnes and noble to read your blog on a reg basis.
    Kiss Isla and hug Nick for me.-- Tif
    P.S. Glad you like the memory book. Miss you guys.

  4. Was just missing you all and rereading your post from this morning. I missed the part where Isla had opened her puffs. I found one yesterday tucked underneath a chair in the living room.

    Kendall got out her globe and spun it around before going to bed tonight, we put a finger on TX and a finger on Russia, so far away!


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