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Friday, March 25, 2011

Crispy Hot Dogs! Extra Crispy Hot Dogs!

So, last night we finally got around to eating the hot dogs.  When I took them out to make them out of the package I thought… gee this hot dog has a really weird casing.  Could it be plastic?  Nah, it couldn’t be.  Probably just because Russians have different methods of wrapping up all of the leftover meats that go into hot dogs.  I called to Nick (who was giving Isla a bath) my suspicions, but he thought it was probably just a different, less refined, casing too.  So I proceeded to cook up three hot dogs, one for me, two for Nick… they looked a little crispy, a little weird.  But hey, this is Russia I thought… so I took a little nibble.

Sure enough.  Our hot dogs were covered in plastic. Gross. 

Hot dogs have the same casing in the US as they do in Russia.  They are just packaged a wee bit differently. Double plastic.  So I threw away the first batch, and started over.  You live and you learn, as my mom always used to tell me.DSC_0931 Yesterday was also beautiful, so Nick and I took Isla for a walk on the promenade. 

***A side note, please look for a post in the near future entitled My Toro, My Love.  I now feel like I can officially finish my stroller review!  The trilogy will be complete.***

Nick and Isla on the Promenade

The promenade runs the length of the port of Novorossiysk and it is very pretty and very long.  It was nice to get out and get some exercise.  I have a feeling that we will be spending a lot of time there during the summer.  I am so glad that we moved to the warm part of Russia!

The little get together was semi cancelled as my friend who threw it accidentally broke her ankle.  Poor thing.  She is the guinea pig for testing out Novo’s medical facilities.  She is on her way to Moscow right now to get a cast put on.  She got an x-ray here in Novo, and she said that when they put her temporary cast on they took her up to a room that was filthy and dark.  The table that they put her on had gunk on it!  The facilities are pretty bad here, but luckily there are two Doctors coming on two week rotations who will get their own apartment and medical equipment for minor emergencies like this one, and for major emergencies Nick’s company has a special medical life flight service available called SOS (I think) so we should be well taken care of in case anyone was worried.  We did end up meeting at Rena’s apartment, but it was pretty brief.

Today I am off to do laundry at Virginia’s apartment.  I know that I should be saying “flat” but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I like British/European terms for things for the most part, and I’ll even use them when I’m “in Rome”, but for some reason the term “flat” has always annoyed me… I am not sure why.   Maybe it will grow on me.

In Isla news… she is consistently signing please!  She signed please before she turned 11 months, but only once.  Yesterday she started signing please all over the place.  Not at the right time or anything.  She just mindlessly signed please as she played.  Today I worked with her a little bit and with prompting, she will sign please when she wants something.  We still have some work to do to get her to sign please without prompting when she wants something, but that will come with time and consistency.  Who says you can teach an 11 month old manners?… BABYWISE, that’s who!  Also she slept from 8 PM to 7 AM without interruptions.  Whoo hoo! 

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for your emails and comments.  They really make my day and make me much less homesick.  One of the reasons that I have always loved blogging is that in addition to allowing me to scrapbook my life (I have a terrible memory), it also allows me to be a part of a little community that I can go to for advice and/or opinions when needed.  Now it has also become a great source of encouragement and comfort when I am far from home!  Please keep blogging about your lives and emailing us.  I have been racing through all of your blogs during my little excursions to the hallway and I can’t wait until we are in our apartment so that I can write proper responses to things.  I love all of your blogs.  I always feel like I should leave a comment, otherwise I feel like a lurker or stalker, although I have lightened up about that in the last six months.  I want to get back in the habit, especially being so far away.

One more thing.  I recently started following this blog No Greater Joy Mom and also No Knots, and both of them have mentioned this little boy Kirill.  He is in the Ukraine and has downs syndrome, and recently a judge has told the American family that planned to adopt him that they cannot have him and that they should go and adopt a healthy, “normal” child.  When I head this originally, I was totally devastated for that beautiful boy and for his brokenhearted family.  I took it as the end.  But then both blogs reminded me that it is never over because we serve a righteous, fighting kind of God.  So please pray, pray, pray for this family and this boy.  This is the evil world that we live in that serves the father of lies.  But we don’t have to be downhearted because God tells us to “be of good cheer, because [he has] overcome the world!”  You can read more about it here.




  1. wow, from the picture it obviously looks like plastic, guess not so much in person...

    That Nick and Isla are such sweet little smilers:)

    That is terrible about your friend breaking her ankle,I will pray for a quick recovery. It reminded me of you sliding down the stairs 1 week after arriving in The Netherlands and splitting your head open. The Dr. superglued your wound instead of giving you a stitch or two.

  2. Double plastic? What a waste! Did the hot dogs taste OK, though?

  3. The hot dog story is one you will remember forever! lol
    I read about that little boy! so SAD! I cry when I read "No Greater Joy Mom" She is so awesome and such an inspiration.
    We love your blog, too! :)

  4. I know!!! It really doesn't look so obviously plastic wrapped up. I only did that for the picture.

    The hot dogs were pretty good though. So far I have found nothing to complain about in the food department!

    I miss everyone.

  5. It's like you read my mind . . . i saw the cute pic of the famous "toro" (oh, and I think nick and isla were in it too. ;) and wondered how the stroller was doing for you . . . and then I got a little clue. :)

    Love the hot dog story . . . I probably wouldn't have even suspected there would be plastic on it, so you were ahead of me. :)

    I broke my right hand (I'm right handed in a little bike accident I caused riding across campus on my bike when I was a freshman (embarrassing story) . . . went to beutel and I heard the urgent clinic doctor ask the nurse "do they usually put a full cast or a half cast on for a break like this?" . . . then the doctor came out and told me an orthopaedist would be there that afternoon if I wanted to wait, I decided I'd wait!


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