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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Against the Wind

Against the BORA winds that is!!!  Nick and I have been getting quite the taste of the famous bora winds since we arrived in the middle of the season.  They are basically hurricane force winds, but without the hurricane!  Yesterday we took another walk along the promenade in the opposite direction of the way that we took the other day.  I didn’t realize that there was so much that we hadn’t seen!  The entire way to the end was spent fighting the wind, and it was good exercise, but it wiped us out!

This is how Isla survives the bora winds!  We could not keep that hat perched a top her adorable head for some reason.  I kept pushing it up, up, up, but it kept going down, down, down.bora islaAfter we walked along the promenade we went and ate at a little pizza place that our friends Ryan and Virginia found that was close to where our apartment is going to be.  It is the most kid friendly restaurant that we have found (in spite of the fact that it does not have a stroller ramp!) so I think that we will be eating there a lot.  There is a play area with a kids table and chairs, very unusual for here.  When my mom comes in May (YAY!) I am going to have her bring a little point and shoot camera so that I can take more pictures of my life here… while still blending in of course.  It is not normal to document all of your days minutia here the way that people do in the states, so I am thinking that I might draw attention to myself if I lugged around our Nikon every where.  I might still get some stares taking pictures with a smaller camera, but I will try to do it without being conspicuous.

After we were done eating, Nick and I went back to Tabris to get a few things and headed back to the hotel.  We did a little bit of exploring, and I think that we are going to have fun discovering this city.  I hope that we never stop exploring it as long as we are here and don’t just go to the same old places all the time.    I have been dissatisfied with Isla’s diet since moving here and staying in a hotel, so at the grocery store, I picked up some black berries without the price.  When the cashier rang them up they were almost $10 (shhhhh, don’t tell Nick!)!!!  I didn’t want to deal with having the lady take it off our bill, so I just kept them.  I won’t be doing that again unless its a special occasion!!!  But at least Isla enjoyed them immensely.

DSC_0932 DSC_0933 DSC_0934 Here she is saying mmmmmmmhhhhhh!!!!

DSC_0935We forgot that we had a company dinner so we did not make it to the play that the pastor invited us to, but he understood completely.  I don’t think that he even made it since we did not go.  After dinner, Nick and I vpned to Dallas on our computer, so we were able to pick up a little bit of American tv!!!  That was so nice, and much needed.

Friday, all that I did was laundry.  All day. And I still wasn’t done!  My friend Virginia graciously allowed me to come to her house and do our laundry, and I spent from 11 AM to 6 PM there, and I still have two more loads to do.  The washers and dryers are really teeny here, and so far this is the only thing that I think will make me long for home (besides thinking of friends and family OF COURSE!).  I will miss my beautiful giant washer and dryer that could handle a king sized comforter, but that’s ok.  I have plenty of wonderful compensations here.

After laundry day, Ryan, Virginia and Gale (another coworker of Nick’s) came back to our hotel room and played a card game called Frustration… and frustrating it was!  It never ceases to amaze me the creativity that goes into designing card games.  All decks of cards are the same, yet there are so many ways to use it!!!

Today we got up and went to church, but that one will get a post of its own later.  I am a little too tired to do it right now, but all that I can say is that God is GOOD!


  1. I love you guys! I'm so glad that mom is going to visit y'all in May ... I wish I could go too! Cable people will be here on Wednesday between 8-12 so hopefully y'all will have access to more American TV soon. Kiss Roo for me!

  2. Our washer (and lack of dryer) was one of my only "real" complaints when we were in London. Much harder on clothes, I felt, and I really wish we had a dryer just to soften things up . . . hopefully once you are in your apartment you'll just constantly do small loads of laundry, which I ended up liking b/c the folding/putting away was already really quick. Of course we all had pretty limited wardrobes and a pretty small space so that helped too! So glad the adventure seems to be starting off well!

  3. Hopefully we will get a dryer!!! It may have to sit out on our balcony, but we should get one. The owner of our apartment didn't think that we needed a dryer soooooo he didn't install one. Nick's boss has said that he would make it right!


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