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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our House: The Living Room

Welcome to my favorite view in all of the house!  The only thing missing is my little girl sitting on her Daddy’s lap… oh and the floor covered in Isla’s toys.  DSC_0523This is one of those rooms that I never really had a plan for, but I love the way it came together, although I definitely consider it a work in progress and I had a lot of ideas for how I wanted to change it in the future. I bought the couch from Gallery Furniture (shout out to H-town!), and it is the most comfortable couch in the world.  Of all of my furniture that I am sad about not taking, this is the one I will miss the most.  I keep thinking that if I could just bring it with me, then our apartment in Novo would really feel like home.  I am not going to do that though.  We have been given a perfectly beautiful furnished apartment in Novo, and I am intentionally trusting God that everything will be awesome!

I bought the pillows from the Restoration Hardware outlet in San Marcos.  If you have never gone, you really should.  Oh and did I mention that there is a POTTERY BARN OUTLET!  Its huge and you can find the best things for much cheaper than in the stores, and for ridiculously cheap if you are willing to dig. My mom has found some amazing things there for so cheap.  The pictures are from Venezuela where I lived for 4 years in Junior High and most of High School.  The pictures and pillows are going with me!

I filled the bookcase with books that are going with me to Russia.  I think I need to cull it down a little bit because there were too many that I couldn’t part with.  I am tempted to invest in a Nook because it would cut down on my limited space in Novo and it would be great for travel… but I don’t know if I will be able to do it.  I’ve always had this weird fear that all of the books in the world and their knowledge will suddenly get wiped out, like when the Library of Alexandria burned down, but then I am comforted by the fact that my books will remain!  I find having hard copies very comforting.  I could always get e-versions and then only get hard copies of the books I really love.  We will have to see.

DSC_0527When we originally bought the house it was carpeted.  Nick and his dad laid the hardwoods down and I think that they are beautiful.  I only wish that we had carried them throughout the entire house instead of the study, living room and hallway. 

Our TV stand is just a very pretty desk that I bought when the room was blue so it didn’t blend in so much.  It doesn’t look quite so blended when you are actually in the room. I know I need to figure out what to do with the cords… I got the idea off of a commercial.  There was a TV perched so pretty on a little table, the only trouble is that is was a prop TV that probably couldn’t even be turned on, so NO CORDS. Grrr.  That is normally where Isla’s toys go, under the table in little canvas bins.  They are in her room right now though.  It has been dismantled and it is our designated “To Russia” room.  Everything else is “To Storage”.

My next project was going to be working on the wall pictures.  I was going to move the two Venezuela pictures on the left above the TV (and hopefully get Nick to make frames for them), and then make the big wall exclusively for our Simply Joy photos!  It would have been pretty. :/


We also originally painted the entire room a bright blue.  I thought it looked like a very old fashioned color, but when it came down to it it was too hard to match things to.  I am still not sure what made me go with white, but I LOVE it.  I absolutely love it.  To me, the wrought iron wall decoration against the white wall is perfection.

DSC_0530Finally there is our fireplace.  I was sort of experimenting with what goes up on the mantel, but I love the accent wall!  And I love, love the picture frame. It is so pretty and ornate; its made from wood with roses carved into it – its very old fashioned looking.  I found it at an antique store in Covington last summer, and I wanted to put a nice family picture in there.  I have one of Isla that would be perfect, but it just feels wrong putting a HUGE, GIANT picture of Isla up when we don’t even have a good family picture.  We try not to be allll about Isla, even though its hard sometimes.  She is so cute! Once I get I good family picture, then it is going into that frame.  In the meantime, I thought it looked beautiful just sitting on the mantel.DSC_0532That’s our living room!  Nick and I always tried to follow the rule that there was no need to furnish every room just because we had it so we had a lot of rooms empty for the first several years we were in the this house.  It is still filled with a lot of hand-me-downs, but the things that we have bought I am completely in love with.  This room (and the kitchen nook – we don’t have a dining area) are filled with my most favorite things!  I am going to miss the ones that I have to leave, but I can still bring some of them with me, and I am going to make our apartment in Novo absolutely fabulous!


  1. I love that you are memorializing every room. I think it is wonderful.

    I'm just going to throw out my vote for an e-reader. Fabulous for our travels, they have lots of kids books too, which really add up and take up space. I do not think you would be disappointed . . . but still keep those hard copies. :)

  2. I don't know if every room will make it in the blog, but I'm glad I got in this one.

    I will probably go and get a Nook. I just hate that the books are not that much cheaper.

    Also, I don't know why I feel like I have to say this, but the couch is not normally so close to the two walls. I have just been trying to maximize play area for Isla. Otherwise it would be a little more centered... :)


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