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Friday, February 4, 2011

New Bow Holders

Thanks to her Mommy’s obsession, Isla has amassed quite a collection of bows and has been running short on bow real estate lately.  I am not too crazy about the bow holders that I made way back in July, and ever since I saw this one, I have wanted to redo them.  Leave it to Ms. Home-Maker to make the prettiest, classiest bow holder that I have ever seen!  I was just not up for making one like that since it involved paint and probably nails.  Too complicated.

Then I saw this fabulous bow holder made by my super awesome Penpal (who is the bestest penpal of all times ever, HA!), and I promptly asked her for instructions on how to make it.  Unfortunately it also called for paint, and I am too stressed right now to deal with paint and the mess that comes with it, but I really liked the way that it eliminated the fabric tail that most bow holders have.  I really hate craft projects; they really stress me out.

So I decided to try making a fabric bow holder, since it meant using already decorated fabric and hot glue!  My kind of project :).  Just add a little batting to make it puff out.

I bought the fabric to coordinate with Isla’s new bedroom.  Her room is getting a makeover since it will have to serve many purposes in our apartment in Russia: her nursery/her big girl room/guest bedroom/(hopefully) shared room with next sibling who could be a boy!

DSC_0195 She has more bows of course, but these were the only ones that were outside her room (she’s asleep so I don’t want to go and get more in case I wake her up).  I will keep these ones around longer than the last bow holders because I tell you what, I am not up for any more craft projects right now!



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