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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Match Made in Pen Pal Heaven!

Today was one of those cool and special days that I will treasure for a long time because I got to hang out with my pen pal! 

I met Kelly at the wedding of a mutual friend (Krista of Borchard Bliss) in early 2008.  After that, I would occasionally ask Krista about Kelly and how she was doing.  About the time I was expecting Isla, Krista told me that Kelly and her husband Matthew were expect their first baby and were also waiting to find out the sex, which I thought was so cool and unusual.  Since I am a total blog stalker, I found Kelly’s blog (Keeping Up With The Grant Gang) off of Krista’s blog, and proceeded to blog stalk her!  I eventually made contact and we became Facebook friends.  After the birth of our daughters two weeks apart, we found out that we were both doing the Babywise series of books, and we started sending each other messages on our walls about how it was going, which evolved to sending Facebook messages, which evolved to sending emails, which evolved to sending text messages, which evolved to texting each other every hour upon the hour about how the girls were doing in their day and their routine.  There is no way I would have made it this far in breastfeeding or gotten over some of the big baby/routine hurdles without Kelly’s constant support and encouragement.  She is a wonderful friend to have in your corner!

Kelly has family in Mississippi, and she decided to come over and pay me a visit when she was visiting them!  I am so glad she did because I don’t know when else I will get to see her again since we will be moving so far and I don’t know if we will move back to LA after Russia.  I guess I will just have to make a visit to DC!

I wanted Isla to wear the bow and hat that Kelly bought her so she could see her in it… unfortunately it didn’t last until Kelly and Addison :(.


Isla waiting for her pen pal Addison to show up!

DSC_0216They arrive and lucky me!  I get to hold them both first.  They were not sure what to think of one another.DSC_0225

Kelly holding the girls.  She is so good at interacting with the babies and she has taught Addison to do so many things (I need to get on the ball!).  Addison can say her name, she can say Isla’s name, she can blow kisses, and whenever you tell her to give something sugar she gives BIG kisses!  She is so cute.

AJ is so cute Love Say “ahhhhhhhhh”.  I love this picture of Addison and Isla.Cutest BabiesSadly, the girls did not play together as well as I thought they would.  I am so worried that Isla is going to be a bully.  Just the other day at Avery’s birthday party I was thinking that she was so sweet with other kids and babies and shared so well already, but then all of a sudden she got so territorial with AJ!  I do think this picture is hilarious; it cracks me up.  Addison is such a sweet baby, I am so sad that she cried.Best Friends HA

The girls played better when they had their own personal space!Plays SweetWe spent all day chatting and cooking up a special meal for our baby/kid food making blog, Little Tummy Yummies (post coming later), but all too soon it was time for everyone to go.  We had to get Nick to take a group shop.Good All 2 Isn’t Kelly beautiful?  I love her straight, shiny hair!!!Good of All Isla checking out Addison.  They warmed up to one another by the end of night.Cutie Pies

So Sweet

Addison even gave Isla some sugar!  She is so sweet.


God has the most amazing way of putting people in our lives at the exact right time, and I am so thankful for Kelly and Addison… I can’t wait to see how our friendship and pen pal-ship grows in the coming years!


  1. That's awesome you have a pen pal you've met in person! Definitely come to D.C. sometime. :)

  2. Yeeeeeey! A meeting that's been MONTHS in the making! I'm so happy ya'll got together. not gonna lie, it kinda makes me shed a tear :)

    I'm sure Kelly resents the straight hair comment, but I totally agree with you Stori :) Hehe! Sorry Kelly! You will just have to accept it!

    Stori, you flights back to the states (aka Houston) will just need a layover in DC ;) Hehe!

  3. There's just something about those DC girls and their straight, shiny hair :). I can only dream of having hair like that.

    Maybe I will... we had a layover at Dulles on the way over there this time. Originally we flew out of Houston straight to Moscow, but we had to change our tickets at the last minutes because of Isla's illness. Next time I should have more time to plan and more control over the itinerary.

  4. I loved the pictures you chose! I cant wait to see the rest so I can do my own blog about it (are you tired of me asking about them yet--hehe). We had so much fun and I felt like we were long time pals getting back together!!! I LOVE OUR GIRLS!!! I think they did great playing...Addison is just waaaay passive hehehe.

    Hope we can get together again soon....who knows where :) Pen pals are the bestest!

  5. Kelly! I am so glad you liked them. I LOVE the one of the two girls with their mouth open and you holding them. We do have some precious babies, but they did play ok together. Addison was so sweet, and she was in a new place. I also love the picture of the two of them crying... I know its terrible, but crying baby pictures make me laugh for some reason!

    I hope we get together soon too!

  6. The PICTURE of crying babies makes me laugh, but sometimes in the moment it is not as funny :) HAHA!!! I thought they played great considering neither napped well that day :)


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