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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Isla Frances Is 10 (and 9) Months Old!

Happy Birthday Little Bitty Frances!

How is it that my cutie pie is 10 months old?


How I ask you?


Its shocking!


So I intentionally skipped Isla’s 9 month birthday.  We got home so late after her birthday and then I thought… I might as well wait until her 9 month check up… and then that came and went and I thought… ahhh, what the heck, I might as well wait until she is 10 months!  I am giving myself a pass on some things these days.

Her biggest 9 month milestone was that she started clapping on 12/28/2010!!! I had been working with her for a while, but she wouldn’t do it for me.  10 minutes with Cookie playing patty-cake and she was clapping.  I love it when she claps, she is so cute!



Isla is eating a lot of foods now and she seems to enjoy eating, and has even taken to meats really well!  I absolutely love thinking of new things to give her and make for her to tempt her little palate.  I have really been working on making recipes at home that we can all eat, Isla with only a slight modification.  It will be interesting seeing if she stays such a good eater once we arrive in Russia.

I am always looking for new finger foods to try!

She has started smacking her gums when I do and make yum yum sounds, and she always wants to share her food with me.  She gets a big kick out of it.

She nurses at 7, 11, 3 and 7 again, with meals at 7:15, 3:15 and 6ish.  I give her a little snack after her 3 o’clock nursing period.


Isla loves to clap!  She now claps when I sing “If you’re happy and you know it!” and when Cookie says “Pattycake”.

She always wants to crawl into any small, tight space, and she loves to crawl under and over things!  Its so funny the spaces that she fits into.  She has crawled in between the two armchairs at my parents house and under her activity table on its lowest setting.  She loves to crawl all over her Daddy.

She loves to play housekeeping, and she will open and shut anything that can be open and shut!  She has a Fisher Price refrigerator and she will open and shut that for hours.

She will hug anything soft and cling to it.  It is precious.  She loves to pick up soft things and then suck her thumb.

DSC_0239 DSC_0240

She is saying bye-bye, Mama, Dada.

She mimics kissing, smacking, eating.  I am working to get her to blow kisses but she just looks at me funny.

She is not close to walking, and she can take her time for all that I care.  I have been letting her go without shoes and socks.  Someone recommended that I try that so that she could get a better grip on the floor.  That is completely against my nature since my dad would freak out if we didn’t wear socks around the house and he engrained that in me.  As a tiny, helpless newborn especially I just couldn’t rest until I had socks or something covering her feet.  She’s a little older now, and more independent so I don’t feel as bad.  I have just started keeping the house warmer and Isla seems to love getting around on bare feet!

She loves her Little Hands Love book and her Dear Zoo book!  I have been looking for more lift the flap and texture books.  When we read Dear Zoo, I make the animal noises and I am trying to teach her to do them too!

She is getting much better about communicating her likes/dislikes.  The other day I put two of her stuffed animals up on her quilt rack because it was close to nap time and those were kind of noisy. She crawled right over to me, held her arms to be picked up and then pointed to the stuffed animals!

She loves snow globes!  My mom brought an old Cinderella snow globe that I put by her bedside table.  She will squeal and squeal at bed/nap times and turning it on and watching the glitter is her favorite part of her bedtime routine.


She is sleeping great through the night.  I had to let her CIO a few times.  She seemed fine once we got back from Russia and Disney and got right back into this time zone, but then all of a sudden about a week later, she just stopped sleeping through the night and did NOT want to go down for her naps even though she was exhausted, and no amount of my help seemed to be working.  Finally I decided that she needed to take that last step on her own and CIO, and she is doing much better.  She sleeps roughly 12 to 13 hours per night.  Her naps could be much better, but I am ok with the amount that she sleeps… probably between 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day.  I am going to consider testing out one nap a day when we get to Russia since both her afternoon and morning nap seem to be getting pretty short.  We will just have to play it by ear.

We have also been loading her up on bedtime comfort items!  She has a blanket, a lovie, her Sleep Sheep, her Glow worm and her Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Lullaby Soother.  I am hoping that no matter where she is, and what bed she is in, she will see those and feel comforted over the next few months.


Isla still just has her bottom teeth!

We love Isla more than anything in the world!  Watching her grow and explore and interacting with her is the most fun that I have ever had, and I am so thankful for my girl.


  1. Eating meat already = she's Texan, even if she was born in Louisiana! :)

  2. Such a great post!!! Wow, mommy...impressed on giving up a nap so soon!! Let me know how you do it and how it goes. I think we are a long ways away from one nap a day!! AHHH! I LOVE LOVE that hat she has on in a couple of pics!


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