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Monday, February 21, 2011


We are in Houston, and we are slowly getting around to contacting everyone.  I can’t believe how much there is to get done.  I spent the day at Ikea getting things for our apartment in Novo.  As I mentioned before, there is an Ikea nearby, and it has similar and/or identical things, but it is not a full Ikea so they have a much bigger selection here.  Plus everything here is cheaper, although the Ikea is Russia is not what I would call expensive.  Cookie and Pawpaw met Isla and me and I had the best time with them!  We love them bunches.

I have received this lay out of our apartment, and its already furnished, so mostly I have been picking up odds and ends to maximize storage.  I hope its ok to make this available on the world wide web! :)  Its only two bedrooms, but it is over 1400 square feet, which is pretty big.

Sverdlova st

Its funny because before, every time we have moved, I have really taken my time getting new things and setting up house.  With this place, we haven’t even moved in and I am trying to plan ahead and think of everything we might possibly ever want while we are there.  I know part of it is just grabbing onto something I can control and run with it since I feel kind of discombobulated about this move, but I do think its important to get us as settled as soon as possible, especially for Isla.

Its so funny all of the comments that we have received about being so brave and adventurous, which I find hilarious!  Nick and I were reading Romans 15:20 together “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation,” and laughing our booties off… Paul was courageous!  We couldn’t even imagine being so passionate about sharing Christ with the lost that we only wanted to be the first somewhere.  Paul was so dependent on the King of Kings that nothing fazed him.  We on the other hand, would never have dreamed about really following God’s command to “GO FORTH” without the full power of Big Oil Co behind us, giving us a nice furnished apartment and all of the amenities that go with it.  I am getting anxious over not being able to pick out my own sofa, such a small thing… so brave I would not call myself!  I do pray though, constantly, that God would use us in Novo for His Glory.  We have such a heart for the lost and those who have never even heard of Jesus Christ… where would I be without Him?  And I have to remember that God can use even me… ME!

I found a couple of things that I think are kind of cool and it cheers me up to think about putting them in our new apartment!

I found this in Sky Mall of all places, and I can’t wait to put it in our entry.  Everyone takes off their shoes there and this way they won’t get scattered all over the entry way floor or thrown one on top of the other in bins.  This will be perfect for shoes and places for people to leave there hats and coats!  Plus people can sit on the bench to take off their shoes… perfect :).  I love gadgety things.

shelve 203364756d

I bought an island for our kitchen since from what I can tell and have seen in other apartments, I will literally have one 2.5’ x 2.5’ area for food prep.  They were out of stock of the one that I wanted, but I am taking it as a sign that this is the one that I am supposed to have.  Some of my fellow bloggers may recognize this one. :)

stenstorp-kitchen-island-white-oak__73857_PE190636_S4I am really excited to fix up Isla’s room in Novo too!  When I was pregnant with Isla, I was all set to buy a very nice set of furniture from Pottery Barn Kids or The Land of Nod.  I had saved my money and everything, but at the last minute, if you’ll remember, I decided to get a used set off of Craigslist.  Call it providence because it worked out perfectly since I would not have been able to or wanted to take really nice furniture to Russia, so it would have been wasted.  I am buying Isla a cheap crib from Ikea (the Gulliver crib) and it fits just perfectly in our air shipment so she won’t be long without a crib.  Ikea things ship so well!  Plus its neutral and small so I think it will fit in with whatever furniture we already have.  They did have a Gulliver crib in the Russian Ikea; it looked identical to the American one, but it is much smaller as it is designed to European standards.

Probably the thing that disappoints me the most is that I had planned to buy this Expedit bookcase with 25 cubes (my heart by still – ALL THAT TOY STORAGE!!!).  I have been eyeballing it for a couple of months now because I want to use it as room divider in Isla’s room to separate her sleeping area from her play area (AREA not SPACE :p).  They had it in stock as recently as a couple of weeks ago, but when we got there, we found out that they won’t have it for the next couple of months because they are redesigning it or something.  I ended up getting the 4x4 or 16 cube bookcase for a total loss of 9 storage cubes.  Its such a silly thing to be peeved over, so again, I am taking it as a sign that this is the bookcase that I am meant to have :).

expedit-bookcase-white__0092718_PE229441_S4 I am getting really excited about rearranging our apartment and making it our own and making it nice and “homey”.  It warms my heart to think of it;  God is so good to me, even when I am trying to desperately cling to anything but Him, He is still so gracious.  I know I sometimes sound like I don’t feel this way, but I am so excited to see what adventures He has planned for us!


  1. I can't wait to hear you speak some russian!! lol

  2. I love that entryway storage. We really need one, with the immediate removing of coats and jackets that happens 8 months out of the year here! You will get great use out of it!

  3. Hey, just to let you know there was a recall on ikea cribs, you may want to check out and see if its the one you purchased.

  4. we love our island! where did the joke about area vs. space come from? Very recently my brother was ranting about how he hates the way HGTV always uses "space"

  5. Andrea - thanks to you, I checked. Our crib has not been recalled. Thank you for looking out for Isla!

    Lauren - Oh my gosh, I think I would love your brother. I have been complaining about HGTVs abuse of the word "space" for YEARS. Jessica can vouch for me. They are out of control on that channel... green space, um, excuse me... do you mean YARD??? Its one of my biggest pet peeves. I day dream about going on that channel just so that I can teach them to use that word responsibly. Contrary to HGTVs understanding, there are such things as a "room" and an "area" in a home.

  6. Good luck with the move! My old boss has some clients in Russia and they bought a lot of stuff at West Elm and had it shipped over... apparently their shelving is pretty good...

    Wanted to let you know that I LOVE Banana Rebuplic clothes. I have tons of shirts/pants/skirts/shorts from there and they have all lasted me a while. They hold up pretty well and although I do have a couple of things I bought at full price, most of it has been purchased on sale, so it's totally reasonable. For me, it seems to hold up better than Gap clothes. They are all really classic pieces that I'll be albe to have for a while too... and goodness knows I keep my clothes FOREVER!

  7. Such great accessories and I love the apt layout!!!


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