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Friday, February 4, 2011

Do It Delicious!

I am so excited.  Jessica Seinfeld has a food blog :).  I know I don’t usually like celebrities, but I love her cook books and I like her.  Normally I feel like gazillionaire celebrities try (and fail) to connect with regular joes like me or I secretly think that they hire someone to make it sound like they get my problems.  BUT after reading through all of her cook books, I feel like they were made for me and she seems really nice and I can’t believe I am saying this… down to earth.

Also, I did say cook books!  She has a second cook book out called Double Delicious that “Nick” (I swear I didn’t buy it, wrap it, write From: Nick on it, and put it under the tree) bought me for Christmas.  I already love it, and the Chicken Enchiladas are the best I have ever had!

Anyway, her blog is called Do It Delicious and you can find the link here.  Its really good and full of great tips, tricks, recipes and even a covert reference to one George Stephanopoulos if you can spot it (in case you ever wondered how he spends his fall vacation)!  I will definitely be checking it often.

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  1. I got her new cookbook as well! I have already made the cauliflower gratin, lemon chicken and baked ziti (and Peyton ate seconds of the Ziti which was amazing). Tonight we are making Balsamic Chicken Sandwhiches and I also am hoping to make Maple Spice muffins tomorrow.

    I like it better than her first one for sure! Happy cooking to you!


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