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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day In The Life

My friend Che did a day in the life post a few weeks ago, and I thought that it was so fun!  I decided to do one today.  I know my mom and sister will enjoy this immensely!  I would LOVE it if every person who reads my blog would do one.  I am always so curious about what everyone’s days are like and also what their houses are like. 

6:45 – Get out of bed and feel virtuous because I made it up before 7, even though my goal was to be up at 6.  Make the bed and start getting Isla’s breakfast together.

7:00 – Start my quiet prayer time.

7:05 – Nick pops his head in and asks if I can make him a lunch… OOPS!  Forgot about that.  Stop quiet time and make Nick’s lunch, and feel guilty about spending only 5 minutes with God.

7:10 – Nick goes into wake Isla up!  He loves to steal my cuddles :); I love how ready he always is to go and get her.

7:15 – Go in and nurse Isla.  Give Nick a kiss goodbye!

7:30 – Put Isla in her crib for breakfast.  Finish her finger food omelet – egg yolk, spinach and mozzarella cheese!  Steam and puree rest of spinach and store for later use.  Clean up kitchen.  Isla gobbles up her omelet and some pureed prunes.

8:00 – Mommy and Isla time.  Isla and I play in the living room, and I sort of clean up where/when I can during playtime.  Its hard because she’s moving fast and getting brave these days and I can’t take my eyes of her for one second!

8:45 – I notice Isla is getting tired because she starts to only want to play on my lap.  We move playtime into her room to start wind down.  Isla plays with a non-stimulating toy (cloth, non-electronic) and her books.  Finally I read her a few stories, sing her a few songs, we say our nap time prayer and I put her down for her nap.

9:15 – Get into workout cloths and put in the 20 Minute Shred with Jillian Michael’s.

9:40 – Quit the Shred 15 minutes into it, Jillian don’t mess around and that shizzle is hard!  I hop into the shower.  I’m learning to shower fast these days.

9:45 – Get out of the shower.  Isla starts crying, and I leave her to CIO because there is no way she got enough of a nap and normally she will go back to sleep in a few minutes.  I make my lunch and pop in Final Fantasy XIII on my PS3!  I proceed to feel guilty because I have a housekeeper and also waste time playing video games… however I still keep playing.

10:10 – I go in a calm Isla because she is still fussing off and on.  I turn her lamb back on and tell her to go back to sleep (verbally and with sign language).

10:30 – Finish lunch and turn off FFXIII.  Go and get ready some more.

10:45 – Go and get Isla 15 minutes early.  She never really went back to sleep so she is cranky and fussy.  We cuddle and I nurse her, and then I take her out to her high chair for some lunch of avocado finger food and blueberry banana yogurt.  I also grab a cookie for me!

11:10 – I finish getting ready, somehow, someway even though Isla is into my make up, opening and closing anything that will and blocking my view of my mirror.  I somehow, someway manage to get Isla ready even though she has started doing this thing where she tries to eat her foot when I am dressing/changing her, and she screams whenever I have to move it away. :)

11:45 – Get out of Isla’s room and my housekeeper is in the kitchen. We chat about this and that, and I leave to run errands.

12:15 – Jumping jehoshaphats, it is cold!  I visit Hobby Lobby and I spend approximately one nail biting, head scratching hour trying to pick out materials for Isla’s new bow holder, and remember how much I hate crafting and why I never do it.  Isla is loving the soft, instrumental Jesus music that they play at Hobby Lobby and falls fast asleep in her Toro.  I head to Kohl’s to look for an egg timer, and end up walking around for as long as possible so that Isla can at least get one good nap today.

1:45 – Decide to wake Isla so that I can run a few more errands.  She smiles at me so sweet in spite of the fact that it is freezing when I wake her up to put her in her car seat.  I go to the bank to deposit a few checks then run to CVS to pick up a few prescriptions plus cranberry juice.

2:30 – Get home and play with Isla for about 15 minutes.  I nurse her and then get her afternoon snack ready – assorted fruit and grated cheese.  It turns out she really likes kiwi, blueberries and cantaloupe!  I grab a snack of buttered noodles and whip up a batch of cookies from some dough I made yesterday… I don’t want to put down how much of the dough I consumed in writing. :)

3:05 – Nick gets home from work early.  He has agreed to watch Isla while I go and get my hair done.  (I need to point out that this is not a normal occurrence, its mostly because of the move and we are trying to get done as many things as possible in a short amount of time and take appointments when we can). 

3:15 – Head out to the Dry Cleaners and drop off my wedding dress.  I am finally getting it preserved for storage before we move.  I forgot how beautiful it was until the dry cleaning lady takes it out, and I can’t believe I ever fit into it!  I regret the cookies, cookie dough and candy bar I have already consumed today.  I head my hair salon next door.

3:30 – I talk to my hair stylist and we decide to dye my hair a golden brown.  I have never been anything but blonde, but I am excited about it!  Once its done, I LOVE it. Why didn’t I do this 10 years ago when I first started toying around with the idea?

6:00 – Get home and find Isla in the bathtub.  Her dad had fed her a banana, and although he does his best with high chair manners, he is not as skilled as I am and things got a little bit messy.  After her bath I put her back in her high chair to finish off her prunes from this morning.  We all play as a family until 7 when I nurse Isla for the last time.

7:15 – We start Isla’s bedtime routine.  Nick reads Isla a book, and we read her a baby devotional.  Then we pray as as family and put Isla to bed.

7:30 – I make myself dinner, and watch The Simpsons with Nick while I eat.

8:00 – Nick watches Criminal Minds while I work on Isla’s new bow holders.  I finish one of the two… not too shabby if I do say so myself!

9:00 – My friend Jessy from California calls for our weekly chat.  We catch up for about 15 minutes and then I head to the bathroom for a long bath to wind down for the night.  I love long baths!

10:00 – Nick watches Netflixed 30 Rock streaming on our PS3 (I LOVE IT!) while I blog.

11:00 – Its bed time and then I’ll start over again tomorrow!


  1. I loved this Stori! You'll have to do this atleast once a month when y'all are in Russia ... Love you. Kiss my Moomie pie for me!

  2. So the bow holder turned out ok??? Man...we need to get back to chatting more...I have so many questions about food and routine. I need to do a day in the life for me! Loved this!!!!


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