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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Belated Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day this year was very low-key… why you ask?  Because everyone was sick! Isla got sick first, then me, then Nick, and finally my mom.  At first I was tickled that I got to be sick and have Nick and my mom wait on me hand and foot, but then they got sick so it was me taking care of both of them plus Isla!  I did my best though.  I felt so bad for them, and Nick had to postpone his first day in the Houston office in his new position because of it (he’s working with his team there until his visa gets cleared for Russia).  I think he got it worse than anyone.

Valentine’s Day morning Nick and I were laying in bed half asleep (we were exhausted) and I said “Happy Valentine’s day honey, I was going to get you something, but then I got sick, then I was going to make you something, but then you got sick!”

In the end, my mom was feeling better and up for going out and Nick was ok to be left alone, so my mom and I ran some errands.  I bought Nick some comfy slippers to wear in Russia.  They will come in handy for several reasons (I typically make a mental bulleted list before any purchase, no matter how small):

  • They will keep his feet warm in the cold.
  • The have memory foam which will be so comfortable on all wood/tile floors of our apartment.
  • Everyone takes off their shoes and puts on slippers (or nothing) when they go into anyone’s home, and I think that we need to adopt that custom in our own home so that we don’t forget when we go to other people’s home.  I already repeatedly made the faux pas in the short 4 days we spent in Russia before!

Wait, I lied, not all presents get a mental bulleted list!  Some are just so ridiculously cute, my girly instincts take over and the engineer in my head goes silent.  I bought Nick a book from Isla called I Lost My Kisses, and it is seriously my new favorite children’s book.  It is the perfect present for a little girl to give to her Daddy on Valentine’s Day!  As soon as I saw it, I had to get it.

We had Nick sit in the glider and close his eyes while Isla handed him his book, and I put on his slippers.  Stage Cookie made sure to capture the moment!  Here I am reading the book to Nick and Isla… she is mostly interested in her snow globe though :).

DSC_0455 I love that she has something of mine to play with.  She really seems attached to it!DSC_0458

Isla also received cards from her Mema and Papa and cards and a book from her Boo and Grandpa… best of all, it was a lift the flap type book!  Both the book and the cards were a big hit.

DSC_0427 DSC_0433

DSC_0441Nick and I decided to go out for a quick belated Valentine’s Day lunch this afternoon, and when we got home we couldn’t find my mom or Isla.  I heard my mom calling from outside and I walked out to find this:

DSC_0515 My mother had stripped Isla buck naked and was outside taking pictures of her!  Stage Cookie has NO SHAME. :)  I laughed until I about died.  My mom’s excuse “I changed her diaper and I noticed that she was getting a little bit red, so I decided to let her air out… since we were outside I figured that I might as well take some pictures of her!”

Of course, what could be more logical?

She did get some cute ones.  What can I say?  I love a cute, little, fat naked baby!  She is just precious.

DSC_0487 DSC_0512Nick and I don’t normally do much for Valentine’s Day… I honestly can’t remember the last time we did anything big, but this one was a lot of fun and one that I will treasure up for a very long time.


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