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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trip Status: Delayed

We were supposed to leave today for our pre-assignment trip to Russia, but unfortunately my fears came true – Little Frances got sick!

We got home late Wednesday night, and Isla was very fussy and clingy all day Thursday.  I should have known something was wrong, but I just chalked it up to teething, she only has two and she’s overdue for a few more!

Friday morning she woke up and I knew she had a low grade fever, Nick didn’t think so, but I just knew… I spend all day holding her so I know what her usual body temperature is!  I couldn’t find my thermometer, but I called the Doctor and scheduled an appointment for later that day anyway.  I still thought that the fever was due to teething, but since we were two days away from a trip around the world I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something serious.

I took Isla to the Doctor and explained that we were leaving in a couple of days and they ran every test under the sun on her, they did a blood test, nasal and throat swabs, and a urine test, all of which really upset her but nothing telling showed up.  They also confirmed that her fever was low grade at 100.3.  The only thing that looked suspicious was her white blood cell count, which was about 19000 (normal range between 4000 to 15000).  To be on the safe side, they gave her a massive antibiotic shot.  The nurse said that it was a very painful shot, and it was.  Poor Isla screamed and then cried for a very long time, and I felt so bad!

My Pediatrician’s office is open on Saturdays (sick patients only) so we scheduled an appointment for yesterday morning just to confirm that the antibiotic worked and her white blood cell count was down.  I left the office very relieved though, since everything looked ok, and I figured the antibiotic would kick in and everything would be alright.  It wasn’t.

Friday night Isla woke up with a much higher fever than before (my guess, between 102 and 103).  When we took her to the Doctor, her blood test still showed a high white blood cell count, the antibiotic hadn’t helped even slightly.  So they gave Isla another giant, painful antibiotic shot in her other leg.  It was tragic.  She screamed and cried for a very long time… Isla got to the point where she cried even harder every time the nurse walked into the room!  She had the same nurse give her the shot and run the tests both days, and she knew that when that nurse came into the room it was bad news!  She stayed pretty upset for the rest of the visit, but I did manage to get her a little sucker on the way out.

photo (17)Her Doctor advised against us traveling, which we completely agreed with.  Her urine and throat swabs were sent off to a lab for further testing, and we are going in in the morning just to check on the results and test Isla’s white blood cell count one more time.

This weekend has been pretty low key.  Isla has been super sweet and cuddly, and we have been giving her Tylenol and Advil to keep her fever down, but its still pretty high, above 101 whenever we aren’t artificially lowering it.  We are scheduled to come into the Doctor first thing tomorrow morning.  Nick is coming too :).

DSC_0911As of right now, we are set to leave Tuesday for Russia, but we will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow!  I just hope that Isla gets better and we can figure out what is making her white blood cell count so high.


  1. Gosh, we miss her so much. Praying for nothing but good news tomorrow!!!

  2. Oh boo -- I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  3. poor baby! Please let us know that she is better, and good look getting to Russia.

  4. I am glad she is feeling better Stori!! I know its tough when our sweet Little ones are sick!


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