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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short on Storage? I have the answer for you…

I just recently found the Space Bag at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it is so amazing!  Seriously, please nobody post that they have been using it for years because then I will have to counter with… “Really?  Really? And you didn’t blog about it!  Why didn’t you share it with all of your blogging buddies? Wanted to keep this little gem all to yourself, huh? HUH? HUH?”  This is just begging for a little review!

For our pre-assignment trip we are allowed to bring items in our luggage and leave them there in our apartment.  We don’t know how long it will take for our air shipment to arrive once we move, so this is just to make sure that we don’t have to live in a hotel for a long time.  I am trying to pack like we are camping, so I am bringing bedding, towels, and a few other items.

So far I have packed two king sized pillows, king sized sheets, and also a king sized comforter, and towels.  I would not normally think that I could fit all of those into one suitcase, but thanks to the Space Bag it is a snap!

Here is a shot of a king sized pillow vacuum sealed next to a regular king sized pillow.  I would guess that it is less than half of the volume (maybe 35 to 40%).  I don’t even have a very good vacuum and I can’t help but think that a vacuum with decent suction could make it smaller.


DSC_0898I decided to try to fold the TWO king sized pillows in half, and fit them into the same Space Bag above that is only holding ONE pillow, and sure enough it fit!



Now I have plenty of room in my bag to bring along a lot of food items to leave as well; this is a huge help since we don’t be able to pack food in our air or sea shipment!  I have packed 2 king sized pillows, an entire king sized sheet set, a king sized comforter, 3 large towels and a few hand towels and wash clothes, 4 giant bags of chocolate chips – Nestle of course… you can see where my priorities lie, 2 giant bags of brown sugar, 2 big things of cocoa powder, 4 large jars of Jiff, and anything else I could fit into the crevices of a regular, large (but not oversized) suitcase!!!

I can’t wait to use it on all of the comforters that I have laying around that I want to keep because they sometimes come in handy but also want to get rid of because they take up so much room!



  1. I think you clearly don't waste a lot of your time with TV. Spacebag info-mercials were all about some number of years ago . . . I don't know if I really don't remember or I don't want to excessively age myself. ;)

    Hope it's going well in Russia . . . I'm looking forward to seeing pics!

  2. I <3 Spacebags! I use them to store all my sweaters and winter wear when I don't need them anymore.

    Hope you're having fun in Russia! Stay warm!

  3. What rock have I been living under? Apparently I am the only person who does not know about these Space Bags!

  4. Stori,

    Thank you so much for sharing your love of Space Bag with your readers. We're glad we could help you bring your pillows and other items that might normally not have fit in your suitcase. Just wanted to let you know that Space Bag has an online community called the Space Savers community where we give organizing/space-saving advice and offer special discounts to members. Community members can also share their Space Bag stories with us and have a chance to win free Space Bag Storage Packs! Feel free to visit us at www.SpaceSaversCommunity.com. Good luck with the rest of preparations for Russia.

    Best wishes,

    Space Savers community correspondent

  5. I even have the one you don't need a vacuum for so I can travel with my pillow packed in my suitcase. Love them!


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