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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PawPaw’s House

My Dad recently pointed out that I have a tendency to say that I am at my Mom’s house when I visit my mom and dad in Houston.  Apparently, this really, really bothers my Dad.  I don’t know why I always do it since my parents have been happily married for over 35 years now, which is a fact that I am quite proud of!  So for the record, whenever I say that I am at Cookie’s house… I am also at Pawpaw’s house!

Also for the record, Isla just loves her Pawpaw!  He lets her get away with anything (a common theme amongst grandparents – yes that is his $500 iPhone 4 that she in chewing on)!

Isla and Pawpaw 5

Pawpaw can keep her entertained for hours (yes those are his nicotine tablets that he is giving her to use as a rattle)!

I&P6 In spite of his unconventional toy choices, Pawpaw is pretty great and we love going to visit him at his house!

Dad, you are awesome and we love you!


  1. Haha ... This is hilarious! I must say that I believe Dad is the best grandpa in the world and I feel so thankful that he loves to spend time with all of his grandkids just as much as mom does. Seeing how many other grandfathers I know and have known over the years don't feel the same way, this means the world to me! I love you guys and hope y'all are having a great time in Russia!

  2. Yak, I can only imagine how many germs are on that iphone!


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