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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Gals and our Babes

I meant to post this back before Christmas, but I forgot!  I must get this up though.  Remember this picture and this post?

Week 32 Pregnant friends

And here we all are, literally almost one year to the day later!  Jessica is already pregnant with her second (YAY!), and Elysha and her husband are trying for number two, and I am absolutely NOT (in spite of the fact that I look pregnant), nor do I have any interest in another baby for a little while yet!  :)  Sorry the quality is so bad, this was when our Canon broke and we had to rely on Nick’s blackberry.

Best OneWhat a year it has been and in spite of moving across the world, I hope I get to see these girls who mean so much to me a lot in the coming years.

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