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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year and Russia Update!

Happy New Year everyone!  I am renouncing goals for the year.  I think that is a wise choice considering how nebulous my near future is right now.  My only goal is going to be that I get our apartment in Russia unpacked within one month of receiving our shipment… I am notoriously bad about procrastinating setting up house after a move.  My stretch goal is to have curtains up by the end of the summer!  Did I say stretch goal?  Make that a miraculous event!  I probably should at least try to set up a goal around weight loss or something… the baby weight came off easy, but I am a stress eater for sure and between the move (hold on Nick, let me get a quick bowl of cookie dough to snack on before we discuss realtors) and the holidays, I have a few extras that need losing that I didn’t have in September.  I am trying so hard not to care about those things and set a good example for Isla’s sake, but old habits die very hard!

  • We are still at my mom’s house because we have our cultural orientation in Houston.  Nick and I will spend a day in his work office on Tuesday learning about Russia, and also meeting with an accountant to discuss how the new assignment will affect our taxes. 
  • We also got a call last week that somehow our blood had been lost after our physicals way back in November so we have to get our blood drawn the same day at the Houston office.  How do you lose someone’s blood and why did it take the powers that be 5 weeks to realize that they had lost our blood?  The annoying part is that we need our medical clearance to be able to list our house and get our visas so that has all been put on hold.
  • After that we head home for a couple of days (I miss my home), and then we leave on Sunday the 9th to go and see Novorossiysk!  We are going to overnight in Moscow on the way, which should be cool (literally – they are having record freezing temperatures.. in Moscow!).  We will get to see our apartment and someone will be taking us on a tour of the city, and show us restaurants and grocery stores.  We will hopefully get some idea of what’s available for packing our shipments.
  • Then we fly straight from Novo to Orlando for a fun week with my family!  I am so looking forward to a little bit of fun and relaxation… and also seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!!!!!
  • Then its home for 3 weeks or so to pack up, and then we head to Novo for good… fun but scary!

It is a busy, stressful, scary time.  We have spent a good chunk of the last week saying good bye to friends and family that we won’t see before the final move, and that has been very hard.  I know that this is going to be a wonderful thing, but right now we are kind of in a valley.  I do feel like things could be much crazier and hectic than they have been, and I have only God’s grace to thank for that.  I have felt his covering throughout all of this, and I know that He has worked out all of the details!

Also we have decided to take Isla with us on our pre-assignment trip.  Especially with us still nursing, she just felt too little to leave, and Nick’s boss was insistent that I go an see where we will be living, so we can’t stay and just let Nick go.  Everyone around us is sick or getting sick or getting over an illness, so I would really appreciate and covet prayers for our family, and especially Isla’s health at this time.  We need her healthy before we take on her on a 6 day trek half way around the world!

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  1. we'll be praying for you guys! Sorry you are in a valley, but that's pretty normal. I don't remember if I blogged it or not, but I remember being pretty freaked out/upset on the tube from Heathrow to our flat in August . . . I remember very vividly thinking we had made a huge mistake . . . of course it wasn't!

    What a pain about the physical. That's pretty annoying. Good luck!


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