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Friday, January 14, 2011

Greetings from Novo!

So, here we are in Novo. Nick and Isla are sleeping in the bed together. The first night we were here we stayed in Moscow in one of the nicest hotels I have ever been in, but in spite of that, the crib they gave us was a deathtrap (more pictures later), so Isla had to sleep with us. Now that we have a somewhat normal crib in Novo, she doesn't want to go back to sleeping on her own, and I feel bad because so much is crazy in her life right now, so it looks like she will be sleeping with us the next few days... Please Lord let this be an easy habit to break!

The past two days have been a little bit overwhelming, and there have been some low points, but I am going to try to stick the positives!
  • The Russians that we have encountered have been so sweet to us. We had been told that Russians don't smile and especially not at strangers, but everyone has been so nice and helpful. Isla helps with that, even airport security was cooing at her and making a fuss over her. Its obvious that Russians really value children.
  • The food has been amazing so far! We have been to three grocery stores and an outdoor market, and the food is so good and fresh. The cheeses are great!
  • A MacDonald's opened here about 3 weeks ago. I am no food snob, and I love some good American fast food in moderation. Although I'm told that it isn't quite like our American food, apparently they serve bree cheese!
  • *Update* I forgot to mention, the weather is nice. Its a little cold and a little rainy right now, but not too bad and was even sunny the first day we got here! So if this is how it is in January, then I am sure it is beautiful all year round. The Black Sea is the most popular summer vacation spot amongst Russians, and we are close to very nice beaches!

Uh oh, Isla is up so I gotta go! She is so precious and an endless source of fun!


  1. Yay! so happy for the good report--or at least a great job focusing on the positive. I'm sure it will all get sorted with Isla's sleeping, fun to cuddle.

    I am a total cheese snob now . . . cheese is definitely a positive. everything at the grocery store tastes like playdough to me now. :(

  2. i cant believe you are in RUSSIA!!!!!!!! It doesnt feel real. Im glad you will be coming back before you leave for good

  3. Brie at McDonald's — what?? If you go into one, please take a picture of some weird things on the menu. I totally want to see.

  4. Glad yall made it safely and that sweet Isla is relishing her very special time with Mommy and Daddy!!! And yes, American food of any kind when you are overseas is such a treat!!!!!!! Even if its not what you would pick at home, its a nice lil taste of home when you are away!! We are still praying for yall...miss ya :)

  5. PS HAPPY 9 MONTHS SWEET ISLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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