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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our House: The Study

In the next few weeks I plan to take pictures of and blog about every room in my house.  This is mostly for me because I want to remember this house.  It is our first house and the place where Isla was born, and we have loved living here.

This might take a little while because, ummm, I only plan to take pictures of clean rooms, and I can’t promise that that will happen that often in the next few weeks/months before we move!

Please excuse the picture quality as they were all taken from iPhone.  Our Olympus seems to have died (one week after our warranty no less), and we haven’t fixed it… we’ll get around to it at some point.

Our study functions as a guest room too.  This bed belonged to Nick’s grandmother’s father so it goes way back.  I bought the bedding from Target a few years ago.  I love the painting… one day I will tell you why!  It was just from Kirkland’s but I love it.study 1

I love the painting on our file cabinet.  Its the only piece of art that has ever moved me!

study 2

This is our bill board.  The original intent was to post pictures and cards from missionaries we support and pray over them every day, but I have to admit that we kind of never really followed through with that. :)  That is something that I need to remedy.  Its not that I don’t pray over them ever, its just not a regular part of our day or even week.

study 3

I love the floating shelves and most especially the poetry book by Elizabeth Barrett Browning resting on the middle one.  She has such a beautiful, romantic story, and I love her poetry.  Nick built the little white bookcase on the left.

study 4

The room is painted Silver Peony from Sherwin-Williams… I went with purple originally because I wanted something to downplay the redness of the desk because it was originally mahogany.  We decided that we just couldn’t take the mahogany, and it was ALOT of work to restain it so we did it the easy way and just repainted the desk a dark brown.  I love it!  I probably would not have painted the room purplish if I had known we were going to paint the desk anyway… but I do love this room, purple and all. 

study 5

Nick installed the hardwood floors; he is sooo handy and his handiwork will become apparent throughout the tour.  That was the best decision we ever made about the house.  I am so glad that we installed the floors, I love them and they are beautiful!

study 6A panoramic video!

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