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Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, Boo

“And what about names that haven't even broken into the top 100? Who will be next year's newcomers?

  • Among the less popular names now moving up the girls' list are Isla



  1. I saw that on GMA yesterday, but forgot to tell you. Hope Isla's antitbiotics have kicked in on her little ears. Love you both.

  2. CUTE! Addison climbed the charts this year too! EEK!

  3. I guess its only natural that such beautiful names would get popular! :)

  4. Just means you are a trend setter. :) So sorry about those ears . . . ben down that road . . . Connor had tubes, but Gracie (knock on wood) has had just one, albeit very wicked, ear infection!

  5. I think this is so common with my friends and their babies! But at least she'll be older than all of the new Isla's — the original!

  6. Thanks Adrienne - she will be the original!


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