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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Week With a Teether

Little Bit got her first two teeth!  They popped up in quick succession, the first one came in in the week hours of the morning on Wednesday December 1st and the second in the wee hours of the morning on Friday December 10th… she woke BOTH Nick and I up on that second one!  I am trying to capture a good picture, but they are definitely up.

Before and during all of that, we had a whole lotta this going on…

I admit, I found her crying and then raced to find my camera!  I was so proud that she stood up in her pack n’ play because there isn’t really anything she can pull up on.  Please excuse her messy room… my house has been crazy these past few weeks.

Here’s another one…

She is not a fan of shopping on a good day!  I have been on the hunt for winter clothes for the entire family, and I wanted to try this jacket on at the Gap… she is just so cute I have to share this one with you.

Uh oh… we ended up having to buy this jacket!

IMG_0224Even though she was so fussy and clingy, she is still my sweet little baby, and its moments like this that make me so thankful I am her mom :).  She has the most beautiful, joy filled smile!

IMG_0209In the meantime, not only have we had Isla’s teething and earache we have been working away at all of the things that we need to get taken care of for the move, plus Christmas shopping, plus a quick trip this past weekend to California that I will blog about in a little bit!

My house is crazy right now!



  1. Aw she has a sweet cry Stori!!!! She is SUCH a big girl! I am so proud of her standing! We dont have anything to pull up on either, too funny! That one of her in the Christmas outfit smiling is BEAUTIFUL! I love her!

  2. YAY TEETH! I love your kitchen table and chairs, btw.

  3. haha on the up chuck. I can hardly wait until you all get here next week. Don't worry we'll get you all organized after we come back from Disney.


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