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Monday, December 27, 2010

My First Christmas by Isla Frances

So, I know my mom said that I would not be doing any blog posting… but… celebrating your first Christmas is just too momentous not to get to share all of the details!

This has been a long Christmas.  Technically it started on the 22nd, when I got to visit with Grandpa, Boo and my cousin Barrett, but we didn’t get any pictures… Mommy is not happy about that!  Let me tell you, every baby should be lucky enough to have a Boo, she buys the best toys!  After we opened presents, we went to visit Hallie, my new cousin, who was probably the best present of all this Christmas!

Finally that day, I got to go with my Cookie and Pawpaw to their church, Fellowship of the Woodlands, along with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jean, Nana, Uncle Ty, Sherri, Terry, Alli, Uncle Cory, Aunt Shawna, and my cousin AIden.

Here I am all dolled-up in the coat and hat my Cookie bought me!  Daddy says that I look like a little old lady, ready for my tea.

photo (19)

They had all kinds of fun things to see there… although Cookie mostly seemed to only want to look at me!  Isn’t my cousin Aiden cute??? I love to play with his hair!

photo (20)

Mommy really wanted me to come into the service with her and Daddy, even though I usually go to the church nursery.  She gets a little emotional over things like this and can be a touch sentimental.  She said she just wanted to spend our first Christmas service together as a family.  Sure enough, she teared up as soon as the music started playing!  She just loves us a lot.  Even though I tried my best to be good, I couldn’t help but occasionally let out little crows of joy over hearing about the birth of Jesus, so Mommy, Daddy and I went and listened to the service from the overflow room.  I was so good, and sat on Mommy or Daddy’s lap and played with my toy the whole time!

photo (21)

Afterwards the whole family went and ate dinner Buca Di Beppo (except Pawpaw, who is a giant party pooper)… they are sooooo LOUD.  Even if I had decided to cry, they probably would not have heard me over all of their shouting talking.  Mommy is so thankful for them though and loves her loud, crazy family and so do I!

The next day, the 23rd, we went to eat lunch with my Mom’s Papaw and his wife June.  It was fun getting to see him!


Then we drove to Temple, TX to visit my Dad’s Papaw and Memaw for the next three days.

On Christmas Eve, Mommy woke up Daddy and told him that she was not taking one more picture of her first child (who she prayed for and waited for for 2, really 4 years, endured stressful fertility treatments for, and finally got!)’s Christmas on her iPhone, and it was time go and get the Nikon D90 that he had talked about buying for so long.  You can tell that Mommy is gifted in the art of emotional blackmail, although she swears that she only uses her power for good!

So Mommy and Daddy went to Best Buy and bought a Nikon D90, along with a spare lens (80-200mm) just to take pictures of me on my first Christmas!  Daddy is already trying to figure it out, and he and Mommy are going to have to take a class because they have no idea how to use it!







photo (22)

We got our new family camera just in time for Mom, Dad, Memaw, and Papaw and me to go for a visit to Santa Claus!  I thought that I was really going to like it.  I mean Mom kept talking him up like nobody’s business, but I still wasn’t too sure about this bearded feller…

A Isla and Mommy at Mall

And even though I did NOT agree, Mommy put me on his LAP!  I was NOT happy.  And Mom and Dad thought it was soooo funny… I won’t forget this!





(Note from Mom: After reviewing these pictures I am beginning to feel just a leetle bit guilty for being so cavalier with my daughter’s very real, albeit hilarious, aversion to Santa.)

After visiting the scary Santa, we all went to Memaw and Papaw’s church for another Christmas Eve service, and I just loved it.  I got to sit the whole way through in the big church, and Daddy kept me entertained with puffs the whole time!  Mommy was so excited to get to sing all of the traditional Christmas hymns, and I have to admit, they were so pretty.  Sadly, nobody got any pictures, but Mom did get the church bulletin as a momento… there’s that sentimentality again!

After church came the best part, we got to open presents!  Let me tell you, I cleaned up!  Daddy worked with me to teach me how to open presents, and he made a fun game of grabbing the wrapping paper before I could eat it.  I was sad to miss out on all of the colorful fiber, but it was so much fun ripping the paper off and having Daddy tackle it!

Isla and Daddy open presents

Unwrap presents

I went to bed a tired, but very happy baby!

The next morning was Christmas… and do you know what?  The scary, mean man must have felt bad for making me cry, because he dropped of even MORE presents for me!  Maybe he’s not so bad after all…  Mommy made sure to dress me cute and take pictures of me next to my presents from Santa.  I indulged her and kept in my reindeer bow long enough for Daddy to snap some pictures of me all decked out.  Santa mostly brought me books, but there were a couple of neat toys.

Christmas OutfitSanta Presents

Christmas Day was spent mostly playing with my Memaw and Papaw.  They are so much fun and they made me laugh and laugh!  They kept telling me how much they loved me, and let me tell you… I sure love them too!

Silly Memaw 2

Sunday we drove to College Station to meet up with Boo and Grandpa Wann!  I was sooo happy to see them and I got to wear a super cute outfit that Boo got for me.  We ate at Fuddruckers, and then hung out at the mall and Sam’s.  It was so nice to spend time with them because they let me get away with anything Smile.  Do you think Mommy would let me play with her glasses?  No sir.

Isla and Boo

Grandpas Glasses

We went back and spent the night in Temple, and I slept 13 hours for the second night in a row!  These long Christmases sure make me tired.

This morning it was time to head to Magnolia, TX to spend Christmas with Mommy’s family.  There were not as many toys, but it was nice to see everyone, and especially my cousins, Kendall and Aiden!


I’m so good at unwrapping presents now that Daddy let me help him open his big present, luggage that we can use for our trip to Russia!


After everyone ate turkey (well, I ate pears), Christmas was officially over!  I am sad that my first Christmas is over, but I do know that I am one blessed little girl, which makes me very happy.  And most importantly… my Mom and Dad love me with all of their hearts! Smile

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