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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Isla Frances is 8 Months Old!

Happy Birthday little cupcake!

photo (10) I know I say this every month… but I wish she would just slowwww down with this growing stuff!  I can’t believe how fast things are going, and I want to enjoy my little baby for just a teeny bit longer.

Sleeping/Eating Habits

There’s not a lot to report as far as 8 months.  She is still sleeping through the night unless there is something wrong, like when she was teething.  She LOVES to eat!  I have heard that this can change as babies get a bit older, but as for right now, she loves to eat.  She has started eating puffs, and she loves them!  I need to get a video.  Her finger manipulation is still not very good, so she just picks up a bunch in her fist and shoves them into her mouth.  Most of them end up sticking to her or falling on the floor where Frodo promptly gobbles them up.


- Clicks her tongue.  She will click back and forth at you!

- Pulls up onto everything!  She has turned into quite the pro in just a few weeks as the first time she did it was Monday November 22nd.  Here is a video from earlier on when she was just starting to pull up.

-Started rocking to a beat!  This is my most favorite thing.  She just started doing it in the airport last Friday, and it was so cute!  Yes, those are the wheels to our Toro!

- Can climb onto things.  Last Sunday she climbed onto a suitcase.  As a result, we have now moved her crib down to its lowest setting… she has officially hit all of her crib milestones :(, boo.  I love how she looks at me and smiles right before she actually climbs up in this video!  Ugh, please excuse my voice over!  I am so annoying on video.

- Experienced her first Thistle Patch campfire!

- Had her first trip to California and celebrated her first Thanksgiving… sick :(.

- She has figured out how to pull off her headbands and always give me a huge grin of triumph after she does is.  Little stinker!  Its a pity because she has so many cute little Christmas bows.  Here she is in her Christmas tree bow at the Doctor’s office.

photo (11)


Isla had some separation anxiety this month, but it hasn’t been too bad.  She has also started doing it with Nick too, which is hilarious.  She will start to fuss when he walks away and she wants to play!  She has definitely figured out that Daddy’s is the fun one, and Mommy is the food/comfort supply.

She is so sweet and we love her with all of our hearts.  She makes everything in our lives a little bit better!


  1. I'm going to miss watching her grow so much!!!!!!! [I guess I'll miss you guys, too, lol ;)]

  2. I keep missing your posts! ARG!!! Happy birthday CUPCAKE (I loved that term for her). She is so sweet and SO mobile! I LOVE IT!!! That first picture of her MELTS MY HEART!!!


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