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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doctor Day

Yesterday Isla’s fever returned, and I decided that this illness had gone on long enough… it has been such a tease!  It really seemed like she was getting better, then little symptoms would reappear, and then quickly go away, but when the fever came back after being gone since last Thursday night, I called her Doctor and set up an appointment for this morning.

Here she is at the Doctor’s office this morning.  That thumb has been permanently in her mouth this past week, which is another reason why I didn’t take her in sooner.  I thought her general fussiness and clingyness was the result of her two bottom teeth that look like they are about to poke their way up any day now!

photo (7)

I took her into the Doc, and he checked out her ears (he was so rough) and he said that she had an ear infection!  “But Doc!” I exclaimed, the shock and horror etched on my face, “She hasn’t been rubbing her ears!”  Because I thought for sure a baby with an ear infection would rub their ears… I could also title this post, Mother Knows Best, referring not to me of course, but to my mother, who told me several times that it might be an ear infection and that babies with ear infection didn’t always rub their ears and that she didn’t like to give anything to reduce fevers because it tended to mask other symptoms!  Well for the record she was right on ALL counts.  I felt awful, but Nick is trying to make me feel better by saying that we can’t know that her sickness has been because of an ear infection this whole time.  Ugh, it just makes me sick thinking about it though.

On a positive note, Isla is saying “Mama,” which is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.  She has been saying it for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to call it.  Since she hasn’t been feeling well, she has been super clingy and a total Mama’s girl!  She will say “Mama” in the saddest little voice you have ever heard and hold up her arms to be picked up.  She has been following me everywhere, and I haven’t been able to get anything done, but I don’t mind… she is so much fun!  She has also been pulling up on anything and everything.  Here she is trying to get to me while I hide behind the couch.

photo (8)She is so precious, I just want to go in and wake her up and sqeeeeeeeeze her!  I will let her rest though.

I also had a Doctor’s visit right before Isla.  I went to the cardiologist who after looking at my abnormal EKG said that he thought the Doctor who referred me was overreacting, however he (the cardiologist) wanted to get an ultrasound on my heart just to be sure… which I thought was a bit of an overreaction in and of itself if even going to see him was an overreaction.  I hate Doctor’s visits, the worse part is when they ask if I exercise, and I have to say “No”, but I’ve gotten so quick with the “But I am really active!” :) Nick met me at the the Cardiologist this morning so that he could watch Isla during the ultrasound.  We should get the results in a couple of days, but the ultrasound tech said that everything looked good!

After we got home, Isla and I both napped a very long time.  I have been a little under the weather too, and I passed out for two hours or more.  When I woke up, I went to check on Isla and she was just laying in her crib quietly sucking her thumb wide awake.  Its probably good that she was resting, honestly when she’s out of her crib she’s been so fussy and miserable – it was probably a relief to relax.  Hopefully the medicine will kick in by tomorrow and she’ll start to feel a lot better!

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  1. Hope she is feeling better today!!! And Stori...its hard to tell when babies are sick so dont worry!! THAT IS SO CUTE SHE SAYS MAMA!!!!! LOVE IT!!! That is the sweetest pic of her peering over the couch.

    Hope every one is feeling like themselves soon!!!


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