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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We’ve got to get down to H-Town!

A few weeks ago, Isla Frances and I decided to take a little trip to Houston for a whole week. Originally Nick was supposed to come with us, but his work trip got cancelled at the last minute so he was left at home :(. It actually worked out ok since he was studying to take his Professional Engineering exam a week later, and was able to stay completely focused on his studies. I was ostensibly supposed to go for work purposes to get some one on one working time with my Dad while my mom watched Isla… but I actually ended up getting about 3 to 4 hours LESS time in working than I do staying home. My social calendar just filled up too fast!

We also found plenty of time for my mom to have her little Isla photo shoots that she so enjoys (and I enjoy the pictures). I really think that my mom is talented because she always captures such great pictures, and it isn’t just because she has a great camera… she really has a knack for it!

DSC_0747Isla and I flew in late on Sunday, October 17th and she was a little doll on the plane. She has now flown 6 times and acted like a little gem each and every time!

We had something planned almost every day and the best part was getting to see Baby Ella FOUR times :).

Here is my Mom, Isla, Annie and Baby Ella!


Baby Ella, isn’t she a beauty?

PA221116We got to spend a lot of time with family, which was wonderful! Isla got to spend tons of time with her cousin Aiden and she loved him, especially because he would let her pull his hair.

Here is Isla, Aiden and my Nana (Isla’s great grandmother and namesake, Frances) at Papasito’s, where we met family for dinner on Tuesday night.


Owww, let go, let go, let go!

PA191044Here is my Aunt Mindy and Uncle Ty (they are not married, Mindy is married to my Uncle Brent). Aunt Mindy just became a grandmother last month when Shane Michael was born!


My mom and sister!

PA191055Isla also got to spend time with her Boo, Aunt Tiffany, and cousin Barrett! Barrett is such a funny, precious, little busy boy. He’s talking like crazy we had such a blast spending the morning with him and his Mom.

Here is Boo with her grandchildren (except Hallie, who will be arriving in December!)


Aunt Tiffany and Barrett playing with Isla!

PA211085Here are Isla and Barrett together! We tried to get a picture of the two of them in the wagon together, but Barrett wasn't interested… ahhh, he just hasn’t spent enough time around the Stage Cookie. A few more days with my mom and she’ll have him whipped into shape and smiling and posing with the best of the supermodels!!!

DSC_0730 I love the shots of Barrett showing off his Herculean strength!


We also made it up to College Station for a brief visit. We were trying to see Kendall, my niece and her dad, my brother Steelie, but when we got there, Kendall had developed a fever quite suddenly on her way home from school, so we weren’t able to spend more than a few minutes with her before her dad took her home. We did get some shopping in at Aggieland Outfitters (even though they are so snobby in there!) and I got the cutest little Aggie outfit for Isla!

Bloomer shot:

DSC07043 Front shot:

PA221114I was also lucky enough to get to meet up with some of my favorite people! Henry and Krista of Borchard Bliss:), and the newlyweds, Kristen and Matt Wells! I had so much fun, I left Isla so I was able to relax and chit chat, and my mom, dad, and nephew all loved having Isla to themselves!

PA221124Our last full day, Saturday, we headed up to Conroe to spend the day with Nana and Uncle Ty. We went to Isla’s first pumpkin patch also, and sadly it was pretty picked clean, but that was ok!

I love this shot of Aiden and Isla at the pumpkin patch. We had several different outfit changes while there :).

DSC_0702After the pumpkin patch we headed out to Lake Conroe on my Nana’s boat! We got just outside the marina and I made my Uncle turn around and let Isla and me off because the water was just too choppy for a baby and everyone was getting splashed.

PA231127The next day, Sunday, we went home to Nick, which is always the best part! We love him so much, and we are just not right without him. Thankfully he was able to use the time while we were away to study, study, study for his Professional Engineering Exam.

It was a fun trip, and I loved spending the time with my family. They are the best!


  1. I love the picture of her in the wagon! haha

  2. Can you send me that picture?!?!??! :) I love it!


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