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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweepers of the House

Some people may be thinking that I am sitting in my house looking like the cat that ate the canary this morning.  That’s not the case… my reaction to the Republican sweep of the house… meh.

I have really been trying to be disciplined about sitting this election out.  I voted and followed the issues, of course, but I signed up for Charles Stanley’s 140 Days of Prayer, and for the most part, I have been a prayer warrior for our country and not any particular party (which is the best thing to do, but also the hardest for me to remember to do) and nothing else.  Its hard for me to remember that God is in control of our country, he picks the leaders, good or bad, and I have been trying to be focused on that.

I do not really consider myself a Republican, I’m a Conservative and I am a huge fan of the Tea Party movement.  I believe in honoring our founding father’s original vision for this country.  This is how it goes:

  • There is a GOD.
  • GOD creates people who are born with RIGHTS.  RIGHTS come from GOD, NOT GOVERNMENT.
  • GOVERNMENT has a tendency to infringe on those RIGHTS, but is a NECESSARY EVIL.
  • Therefore it is necessary to limit GOVERNMENT in order to avoid infringing on GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
  • That is why we have a CONSTITUTION to LIMIT the REACH of GOVERNMENT.

That’s it in a nutshell, and also why when you have a President who has little reverence for God and completely disregards the constitution, like Barack Obama, you know you are in serious trouble. 

America is unique AND exceptional in our traditional respect for God.  It the only country in the world founded on the principles that God, not Government hands out rights.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, if we are not “One Nation Under God, We Are a Nation Gone Under” because once the Atheists get their way, and God is even further removed from our country and government, we will start to look like a 3rd world communist country because there will be nothing to stop people who want to use government to gain wealth and power through the taking of people’s money and freedom.  This is not the establishment of a state religion, which is prohibited by the constitution, but rather the acknowledgement of power greater than ourselves and the Government.

This vision should be party neutral, but unfortunately Democrats completely disregard it.  Republicans aren’t always the best at remembering it either, which is why I am not getting overly excited.

There were a few Republicans that I was definitely rooting for that did not get a win, most especially the election of Star Parker for congresswoman for California’s 37th district.  She is a smart, honest Christian woman, who should have unseated Laura Richardson who is a total embarrassment to our country.  Richardson is famous for fawning over Fidel Castro last year and gushing about how Cubans do have “shoes and ice cream.”  Ugh.  I can’t believe our President allowed the Congressional Black Caucus to go to Cuba and fuss and coo over a mass murderer without so much a reprimand… maybe its because Obama actually admires men like Fidel Castro?  Oh well, you can’t fix stupid.

Also we are stuck with Dingy Harry Reid for another 6 years as well as Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer.  Disgusting.  They really think that they are better than everyone else.  They won a popularity contest and have never done an honest days work in their lives, but still think that they are deserving of our undying respect.  They and their Democratic ilk are also in collusion with the Unions, which I totally despise and thank for ruining our schools, our automotive industry and every other industry that they have managed to card check their way into.  Oh, now that is a topic that makes me mad so I am going to move on!  

There were a few bright spots!  Even though Star Parker in congress was the ONE THING I REALLY WANTED TO HAPPEN in this election; it was exciting to see TWO other black Republican congressmen elected for the first time in a while.  I have been pulling for Marco Rubio for a long time, and Nancy Pelosi is OUT at the Speaker of the House :).  Chet Edwards – OUT :).

At this point, I am just going to sit back and see what happens, I’m cautiously optimistic and always hopeful, but I am not expecting much without a serious heart change in our country.

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