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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving Forward at Warp Speed

Its amazing that we just got the news of our move last Wednesday because I can’t believe everything that has already happened in just a little over a week!

Nick’s company lined up all three of our physicals today, and it went about like I expected… which is to say that I expected it to a be an inefficient free-for-all and take about 3 hours.  It was pretty much an inefficient free-for-all of being shuffled from room to room while the staff performed all of our tests without any real process or structure or order and it took about 5 hours.  By the end of the 5 hours (at almost 2 PM) we had all reached our limit and were starving since we hadn’t been able to eat since 8 PM Wednesday night (except Isla of course), and we were ready to get the heck out of there!  The staff was sooo nice, but with a little bit of planning they could have had us out of there in less than 2 hours.

There were only a couple of things worth mentioning.  They needed to collect a urine sample from Isla, so I nursed her and just for fun I held up my water cup to see if she would take a sip.  She did and she thought it was the funniest thing!  She kept going in and getting a little bit of water then she would crack herself up.  It was so cute.

All of our results came back normal except that my EKG showed a borderline abnormal arrhythmia, which I am not too concerned about since your blood changes with pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I am going to get it checked out after Thanksgiving.  And then there is one thing that I am probably the only person who finds it interesting, but I have always thought that I had terrible depth percept and it was confirmed today!  I don’t know if you have ever had a depth perception exam, I didn’t even know that they existed, but I had to take one today.  Basically I only got 3 out of 8 circles right (I even sort of guessed on the third), which means my depth perception is very bad.  Eagle Eye Nick (you should see him skeet shoot!) of course got a perfect 8 out of 8!  Not very interesting to anyone but me, I know :).

There was a very bad part about today that made both Nick and I very upset (not to mention our Isla).  Nick’s company sent us to the normal place where people from the company go for physicals, work injuries, etc, so this place is used to caring for adults.  His company has several mandatory tests that they require before going overseas, and one of those requires that blood be drawn.  Stupid me, but I did not have any experience with drawing blood from infants but I knew that Isla had had foot pricks when in the hospital.  I was waiting for the Doctor to come in and perform my physical, but I got bored waiting in my room it was taking so long, so I decided to wander into a few rooms over to where Nick and Isla were.  When I got there the Doctor (same Doctor I was waiting for to perform my exam) was in the middle of trying to take Isla’s blood, and she was very upset.  It was so sad, she wasn’t even fighting, just laying there screaming/crying.  They had first tried the bend of her arm, then had moved onto trying a vein in her wrist, and were in the middle of wrist when I walked in.  Of course her veins are tiny, so they were having a hard time finding one, and she was screaming and Nick was trying to calm her.  When I got there, Nick moved over while they started on the THIRD location and I worked to calm her.  It was horrible, the Doctor and nurse were very unsure of themselves and kept trying to pass the job off onto one another (seriously, the Doctor said “You are taking the next one!” to the nurse).

It quickly dawned on me that these people had no experience drawing blood from babies, they DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING, and Nick and I both said "That’s it; that’s enough.” when they were digging into her arm in the third location.  We were so angry.  Not with the people at the clinic, they were very nice and said that they had to try since it was a “mandatory” test required by Nick’s company, but with the medical office of Nick’s company.  Nick called the medical office and told them we not going to put Isla through that test and that any further tests that needed to be run on her could be run through her pediatrician, with people who were skilled at working with infants.  His company also wanted a TB “bump” test, and we called her pediatrician who said they did not want to perform it on someone so young.  Nick wrote a firm letter to several people, and thankfully the medical office waived the test for Isla.  They really need to reconsider what is/isn’t “mandatory” and make sure that they send people to the correct facilities.

My sweet baby bounced right back after a just a few cuddles (the Doctor performed my physical with Isla on my chest!) and she was back to her sweet self.  It times like this that I hate being a first time mom, and I always ask Isla’s forgiveness for me being such a amateur and making her my guinea pig.  Next time I will know better and speak up faster, but I think I just have a knee jerk reaction to trust medical professionals.  I am so lucky I have such a sweet baby who doesn’t rattle easily!

We have received information on how the company will help us sell our house so we are in the process of getting that moving.  We also have approval to take a trip in January to visit Novorossiysk… we are not really sure how that will work out.  They strongly recommend that I go, but I am not comfortable taking Isla half way across the world for less than a week with the huge time change, nor am I really comfortable leaving her (probably with my parents) for that long either.  Milk isn’t really an issue though since I have enough saved up for her to be given a bottle.  We would love some prayers in that area on what to do!  I know what my mom thinks we should do :)… the prospect of having Isla to herself for almost a week is making her a little nutty and annoyingly persistent :)!

We have also received an small list of what is/isn’t easily available in Novorossiysk (like Peanut Butter, chocolate chips), which I am so excited to have!  It is going to mean one fun Sam’s Club trip before we pack up our shipment.

The great stroller search of 2010 is going strong, and it has become an obsession with me!  There are so many cool things out there.  I will update more once I have seen some of them in person… and now I have to go because I have so many things to do (not the least of which is do Isla’s 7 months post – 3 to 4 days LATE! Ahhh, I am such a bad mommy!)!!!

We are off to Houston tomorrow for Thanksgiving!  Isla has the cutest Turkey bow :).


  1. Have so much fun in Houston and a Happy Thanksgiving!! Tell your sweet mom hi for me.

    P.S. No Jif in Russia? :(

  2. Poor Isla :(
    I think the most important thing we all need to know is if you will have internet access in Russia!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cant wait to see the turkey bow and shame on those doctors for hurting sweet isla pain!!!

  4. Adrienne - Do not worry about us :), we will make sure to bring an army supply of Jif with us :). We couldn't survive Russia without it.

    Jessica - Yes, I think so! High speed even, but I don't know for sure.

    Kelly - I can't wait to post pictures of the turkey bow :).


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