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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Low Key Night with Losch Family

Last night after our Passport Adventures we invited a family that we love over, the Losch family! Justin and Julie are so much fun, and the Losch kiddos are always a blast. We decided to just have pizza and keep it low key, Isla was so tired from our full day that she fell asleep at the dinner table!

I love moments like this.


PB120071The Losch’s youngest and only boy, Miles, provided the entertainment!

Miles showed us his sweet eyes…

…and Miles danced for us!

Miles got into mischief of one kind…

… and another!

Frodo finally just got confused and laid down, and didn’t move for quite some time until someone came and took the blanket off of him.


Frodo eventually got tired of all of the attention and went and laid down in his bed; Miles went and wrapped the blanket around him and put Isla’s Violet bear in with him! It was the cutest cuteness I have ever seen, but Frodo moved before I could take a picture :(.

Uh oh, Miles met his match in the Exersaucer and got stuck!!!


If Miles ever shows up missing, I should be the first one checked out! He is so fun and cute, and I just want to keep him forever!!!

Nick and I had such a good time chit chatting with the Justin and Julie over dinner! I am so thankful for them. We met the Losch’s through a small group, and I fully believe that God put Julie in my life to help me understand His Word better, which led the conception of Isla! She gets part of the credit for bringing my baby girl into the world :).

All of the girls (besides Isla) Brenna, Me, Julie and Kaylie…

PB120091 It was a fun night, but sad because these are just a few of the people we are going to miss from the wonderful Northshore of New Orleans!

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  1. I LOVE Isla's perfect little shaped head. Miles is adorable, Frodo is such a sport.


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