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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Here is a very sweet, but very sick Isla in her Turkey bow.

Poor little Isla Frances is very sick; its her first real illness. We got back from visiting Nick's parents and grandparents in Temple yesterday, and she was acting a little off. I should have known that something was off since she slept the whole way from Temple to Magnolia. Normally she screams after more than an hour in the car and rarely sleeps. Here she is on the way to Temple on Monday... on that trip, we finally had to make a stop at Sonic since she was so fussy and I took off her clothes since I was afraid that maybe she was hot. She immediately took to the wheel; she knew exactly what to do! The break did NOT work, but we eventually got her back into her carseat. I can't wait to try a bigger carseat, I'm hoping she'll like a convertible car seat better than her infant carseat!

Isla finally threw up later in the evening last night, and has been running a fever ever since. We decided that she needed a quiet day at home so Nick, Isla, and I are hanging out at my parents house while everyone parties in Kingwood at my cousins', Sherri and Terry, house. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday since its one of the few times of the year that I really get to see our extended family, but I don't mind missing it one bit. There are worse ways to spend Thanksgiving that to spend it with your two favorite people who are also two people you are most Thankful for! And as a bonus, it appears that HGTV is having a House Hunters marathon all day.

We had a great time in Temple. Nick's sister and BIL, and our nephew Barrett were visiting too, so we got spend some time with Little Bear. We stayed at Nick's grandparents' house, which is very special to Nick and I because it is where we both realized that we "liked" each other :).

While there we had so much fun hanging out with everyone. While there Isla engaged in a game of "Ultimate Raspberry" with Nick's Papaw. She would not let him get the last one in; she was determined to win :).

In between chit chatting, we also took a nice long walk down to the tank.

It was a wonderful blessed time with family!

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  1. so sorry your little Isla is sick! That is the pits. I hope she feels better!


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