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Friday, November 12, 2010

Begin at the Beginning

Nick officially sent in his acceptance letter today and so now things are really going to start happening!

I admit that I am excited, but I am also a little bit nervous.  I walked around all day Thursday with a big old nervous knot in my stomach.  I’m usually up for an adventure :), but its still nerve wracking and there is so much to do!  I am trying very hard not to get ahead of myself, and just take it one step at a time.  There are still very few concrete details that we know yet.  We have a start date for Nick, February 15th, but that’s about it.  We don’t know where we will live, if/how where we live will get decided, how much of our own things we can bring, or any major details.  As the “home maker”, these are all of the things that I want to know, but I have to be patient and let this unfold.

Today Nick and I set out with the goal to get Isla her passport and figure out how to update mine.  I still have never updated my passport with my married name, and it also about to expire.  We found online that we would both need go and apply for Isla’s passport and I needed to send mine in by mail, although I assumed that I would be able to turn it in with Isla’s. I thought that it would be the easy, easy to get done, especially since I was so prepared!  I was so wrong, and I am hoping that this is no indication of how difficult everything else will be to get lined up.

Basically my day went like this:

  • Go to CVS to get passport photos.  This took forever because the guy helping me kept leaving to take care of other things.  He also tried to cheat me out of my $5 ExtraCare bucks!  Ha, I would not let him get away with it. 
  • Nick was supposed to meet me, but he got tied up at work, and at 2 I had to prod him to leave work so that we could make it to the Post Office before 3, when the passport processing closed (ugh, government employees).
  • Make my way to the Post Office to get a passport.  I did not know where the PO was, but I found it and arrived there 20 minutes shy of 3.
  • I wasn’t sure if I should go up to the window or wait for Nick, but I went through the line anyway.
  • Thankfully I did because I was able to learn that there was no passport processing person there that day, they had called in sick, BUT that I could go to the Covington courthouse about 1 mile away and they stayed open longer than 3.
  • As I was walking out the door, Nick walked in, so we caravanned to the Courthouse.
  • At the courthouse, I accidentally called the passport agent “Sir”, and the passport agent was most definitely a Lady. Arg… we were not off to a good start.
  • She primly informed me that I could not turn in my passport renewal with her, and that it would have to be done by mail.  When I asked her if she wouldn’t mind reviewing it to make sure every thing was right so that it wouldn’t be sent back to me, she basically pulled the “That’s not my job” line and even when so far as to say that “it is your (as in my) responsibility.” Ok…
  • She then informed me that both Isla and my passport photos that took so long to get would not be acceptable.  My picture was off center, and Isla’s was too dark, but that I could get out photos retaken right there for double what we had paid at CVS.  Thankfully Nick was there and said to go ahead and do it because we could just expense the cost of the passports.  “Expense report”… music to my frustrated ears!
  • After that, I have to give the Passport Agent credit because she did warm up… what can I say?  I have a cute baby!  Even though it was time for Isla to eat and she had only had a 20 minute afternoon nap, but she of course got busy working her charms and making people fall in love with her!  The passport agent did end up being very nice, and things did start to turn around from there.
  • We did manage to get everything processed, except mine, which I will mail tomorrow.
  • I sent Isla home with Nick and stopped by CVS and got my money back on those stupid photos!
  • Then I went to Target to get the stuff to make my “Official Move Binder” so that I could stay organized.  Am I the only person who can stay organized easier if my organizational stuff is pretty?  Nick does NOT understand it… I have to say that men pick the weirdest issues to push!  Yes, we have a free ugly white binder already in our study and I spent $3.50 on a pretty new one… just let it go. 

Here is my lovely organizational binder, complete with notebook, folder, and pouch folder!  I can’t wait to get it filled with all of the minutia of our move… I am a person who loves minutia :).

photo (4) photo (5) photo (6)

Reviewing that list it doesn’t seem quite as crazy as it was, but I think its just harder to roll with the punches when you have a baby.  I felt so bad that Isla didn’t get to eat until over 30 minutes after her regular mealtime even though she was being so good.

Next on our list, we have to get physicals and medical clearance to move to Russia, and we will be able to engage the moving company about our selling house and figuring out how we will find a home in Russia!


  1. We have the same argument over binders! Yes, they must be pretty!! Stay strong! lol

  2. Same thing in our house (on the pretty vs. purely practical) thing. I am so excited for you guys. Keep the updates coming!

  3. OMG, Stori! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that!

    P.S. you should have read my blog on passports that I did for work ;) Hehe!

  4. Mom - Love you too!
    Jessica - I was... :).
    Lauren - As an engineer, I can understand Nick's frustration, but the girl in me wins out and its form over function every time!
    Krista - How did I miss it??? I read all your blogs. I did not realize that they were so anal about the photos!

  5. rough day, glad it turned around at the end. :) I love the organization binder. I am so excited for you guys!!! I already love reading about your adventures.

  6. I am with you on the cute organization. It sure beats being unorganized!


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