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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad Good Good

Isla is currently still sleeping and it is 8:30AM!  She woke up last night and nursed around 12:45AM, so I expected her to sleep in a little bit, but not this much.  She is still congested and threw up again yesterday so I am just glad that she is getting some healing sleep.

Yesterday I was so excited because we got our information package about Novorossiysk.  We have now seen the floor plan of where we will be living, its a 2 bedroom, possibly 2 bath (the floor plan isn’t clear if its a 1/2 or full), and we got a list of the furniture provided.  I am glad that we won’t have to bother moving our things, but also a little sad to say good bye to my furniture for potentially 4 years!  That is a very long time.

We also found out that there are about 12 families moving with us, who will be sharing our apartment complex, which is lovely because we will have an instant community and support group.  The only downside is that there is only one other young couple, and they don’t have kids, so no instant playmates for Isla!  The rest of the couples are closer to my parents ages, I think.

I was a little bummed to learn that Sochi, where they are having the 2014 Winter Olympics is actually 8 hours away, not 3 hours away, so I am not sure when we will make it over that way.  Its not that far distance wise, but the roads are either under construction – which means traffic, or not very good roads.  We have been advised against doing much traveling on public transport, but its ok because we will be provided with transportation by the company… plus I have my stroller for short distances!  The city itself seems quite safe, so we can go out and explore as much as we want.  There are many grocery stores within walking distance and Nick’s office is within walking distance.  It has some really neat museums and things to see and do not too far.  There is even an Aquarium in Anapa that we can take Isla too!

Nick also ordered Rosetta stone last night, and we are going to get serious on learning Russian.  I am quite nervous.  I picked up Spanish fairly quickly when we lived in Venezuela, but this is a totally different ball game!  We have to completely learn from the beginning since its a different alphabet!!!

Uh oh, sweet baby is up!  Got to go.

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  1. WHen you get your furniture back in 4 years...it will be like getting all new furniture again!


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