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Friday, November 5, 2010

6 Month and Family Photos Are In!

The same photographer that did Isla’s newborn pictures and designed her birth announcements also did her 6 month pictures a few weeks ago!  We decided to get a few family ones in while we were at it and the proofs are finally in.  I LOVE THEM.

newborn and 6 months

Kelley Cook of Simply Joy Photography is amazing, and I highly recommend her if you live anywhere near southern Louisiana!  You can check out her blog here.  She is so creative… guess how we did the picture below of Isla in the little sling?  First Kelley took a shot of just the branch with the sling hanging from it with a blanket inside to give the appearance of weight.  Then she set up two tripods with a rod across them and took a shot of Isla in the sling with her Dad holding her up from the bottom.  Then she photoshopped the whole thing together!  It turned out incredible.

Nick and Isla


Cute 2

little gremlin  

Mommy and Me


And my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE from the entire shoot!

my favorite If you want to see the rest, go to http://www.kelleycookphotography.com/home.  Then click on clients, Baby “I”, and enter password “beautiful”.

Isla did pretty good until the end when we did the family portraits… she was DONE by then.  That’s why all of the pictures are of her sucking her little thumb :).  I sincerely hope that we are able to use Kelley again, she is the best baby photographer that I have ever seen and always has the neatest ideas.


  1. I went and looked at your photo's and all of them are absolutely gorgeous, I'm glad I'm not the one deciding on which ones to get b/c they are all so beautiful.
    I am in love with her eyes and her chubby wubby legs, so munchable! :) You have one gorgeous girl there!

  2. Andrea, I know! I nibble on her all the time, she is scrumptious :). My other favorite picture is 4626 because it shows of her rolls to perfection!

  3. I widdled my selection down to 4 and it wasn't easy! I told Kelley that I would do a wall of Isla but then people would wonder who that baby was and wonder where she went! So ... dwindling it down for me was necessary. She'll still be the most framed person in this house when I get those though :)

  4. ADORABLE!!! Those pictures are priceless! You all look great, little Isla is just beautiful and precious!

  5. I already told you-----I LOVE THESE PICTURES, esp all her all cute ROLLS!!!

  6. wow stori, thank you so much for your sweet words! i can't believe you all are moving so far away, but i know you will be a blessing to all that you meet! i don't want to sound partial, but isla is the easiest baby to photograph and she allows me to do so many different set-ups with her! she's amazing! thank you for the privilege of allowing me to capture your memories! i certainly hope this wasn't the last opportunity!


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