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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wise Girl

I used to think that you bought an outfit and then accessorized… since having a girl, I now know better! Isla gets clothes based on how well they go with her adorable accessories :).

Her Boo sent her $100 for diapers, but I was in Gymboree and I saw this adorable owl hat and before I knew it, that $100 was spent on clothes to match! I knew Boo wouldn’t mind.

so adorable


green owl

shy owl

Oh and speaking of owls, did you see the latest little owl outfit and lovie from His Gem? I have a 30% off coupon for the end of October to our local Christian book store, and I am praying that they will have it so that I can use the coupon! I pray for serious and worthy things most of the time, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a cute outfit. :) I love His Gem!

“Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One understanding.” Proverbs 9:10 - Just thought I would add a little nugget of wisdom in this silly little post. :)

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  1. She is looking SO grown up!!! I saw those clothes at Gymboree too and I was also tempted :) She is adorable! Cant wait to HOPEFULLY meet her soon!


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