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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Shower for Baby Boyd

I was privileged enough to co-host a Peter Rabbit shower for my friend Ashley way back on September 12th (has it really been almost 3 weeks ago)?  September has been a busy month for the Wanns with a lot of exciting events, so I will try to get all caught up!

I hope that I will be able to host a Peter Rabbit shower for someone, someday when I am crazy wealthy, not working, and don’t have any kids at home because you can seriously do the cutest shower with that theme, and with unlimited resources it could be the best shower ever!

As it was, I had a ton of ideas for the shower, and not having an unlimited budget I had to limit myself, but there were a couple of things that I just thought we had to have.  1) The cookies, 2) a Peter Rabbit scarecrow from Mr. McGregor’s garden and 3) Watering can favors, since Peter had to hide in a watering can from Mr. McGregor!

It took a lot of time and shopping around in stores and on line, but in the end I am really pleased with how everything turned out.

Here is a picture of the scarecrow:

P9120827 I have to give my mom credit for the jacket!  She helped me make it and also added the brass buttons… what would Peter Rabbit’s jacket be without brass buttons?  Even though I checked everywhere (except for online), I couldn’t find a robin or black birds, so I settled for a cardinal and blue birds.  I think they turned out pretty cute anyway.  This one was a team effort as Nick was gracious enough to make the actual stand.

Here are the favors:


P9120828 The little watering cans had a seed packet with a note from Baby Boyd, asking the party attendee to please take one and to try to stay out of mischief please!  I also already had to watering can at home so all I had to do was clean it and bring flowers.

Here are some of the other decorations:

The mama-to-be asked to take name suggestions as she and her husband are having a hard time choosing one.  I didn’t realize that they were supposed to be serious because I suggested “Reveille” for a girl and “Sarge” for a boy…


This book was for all of the guests to sign and leave their love for Baby Boyd.  One of the other co-hostesses drew that picture of Peter Rabbit… some people are soooo talented!


Also, another co-hostess brought all of the food except for the Peter Rabbit cookies and the food was all amazing.  She said that she picked the food based solely on esthetics, but it also happened to taste good.  I can vouch that it looked good and tasted good!


The grandma-to-be was nice enough to watch Isla while we got ready.  Everyone talked about how sweet and well behaved Isla was.  I am going to treasure those comments in my heart forever :).


Now highlights (well really baby pictures) from the shower!

Here is the beautiful mama-to-be mid bite!  That was the only picture that I got of her… I did manage to get a lot of pictures of Isla though!

P9120812 Elysha and Isla!  Two of my favorite people :).

P9120835There were a lot of other babies at the shower, and they decided to crawl over to Isla and visit with her.


I think Isla is thinking “My that is a handsome face!”


Uh oh… I think he took that as an invitation to steal some kisses!  But as pretty as Isla is, can you blame him?


His mommy had to come over and restrain him!  I of course totally did not even think about rescuing Isla from his kisses… it was so sweet I just kept clicking away!

P9120847Here are all of the crawling babies having a blast on Blake and Ashley’s bear skin rug!  I think Baby Boyd is going to have a lot of fun playing on that one day :).  It makes me think of the Tiger rug from A Little Princess.  I always wanted a Tiger rug growing up, of course now I am older and know better than to frivolously want the skin of an endangered animal for decoration… well I sort of know better!

P9120853 It was a lovely shower and I can’t wait to see if Baby Boyd is a boy or a girl… my money is on boy!


  1. Cute!!! I know Isla loved those kisses.

  2. Precious precious!!! I love all the pictures of the babies at the end.

  3. Wow! You throw an amazingly cute baby shower! I love that Isla is totally the life of the party. She is getting cute every day.


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