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Monday, October 18, 2010

Isla Frances is 6 Months Old!

Happy birthday little Frances!!! This one will be a long one, and not have a bear comparison picture. I'm out of town, so I will upload some more later when I have the time.

Oh man, probably only the Grandparents and my pen pal Kelly will notice that this post is a couple of days late. I think its because I am a little bit in denial that my girl is already 6 months old. Was it really only a couple of days ago that I was talking a big game about raising her to be independent? I lied because I really just want her to stay my baby-baby forever. :( She had her 6 month appointment on Friday, which was her actual birthday and I walked around the house crying all morning because I knew that her Doctor was going to recommend we start her on solids and I was just not ready! Parenthood is the craziest thing, I keep thinking, we are 1/32nd of the way through this shindig, and we only have 31/32nds to go… its going by too quickly.

Let me start with her Doctor’s stats. Her growth curve is changing which my SIL warned me could happen, but I am just thankful that the Doctor assures me that she is ridiculously healthy. She is, and I give all the glory to our Father God!

Weight: 16 lbs 11.5 oz, between the 75th and 50th percentile

Height: 26 inches, between the 75th and 50th percentile (I do not trust this measurement as the nurse was a little careless.)

Head Circumference: 17 inches, between the 75th and 50th percentiles

Eat/Sleep Habits

I am so thankful that I reached my goal of nursing Isla exclusively for 6 months. I have really grown to love nursing and I see it as our special little time… its the only time I can get her to cuddle with me! I feel so blessed for having had this experience, its wasn’t easy in the beginning, but we both persevered and I am so glad we did. I am not ready to start her on solids, but her Doctor recommends that we start for two reasons 1) she is going to start needing a lot more iron than I can give her and 2) she is still spitting up like crazy, and the Doctor thinks that this will help keep everything down. We will start sometime in the next few weeks, but we are all traveling a bunch so I want to wait until we are home and Nick can share in the experience! I hope to continue nursing up to a year, but as I mentioned before if Isla wants to keep going, I am willing to go to 18 months, but no longer. I am not nursing past the age where she can come tug on my shirt and ask to nurse!

I plan to make my own baby food and my pen pal Kelly and I are going to start up a Baby Food Making Blog together… so be on the lookout for that! I am very excited about it. Feel free to send me name ideas, I need to sit down and brainstorm but these past few weeks have been hectic.

As of right now Isla is nursing 4 times a day. At 7, 11, 3 and 7, and she is still sleeping through the night. She did wake up a couple of times in the past month, but they did not develop into a trend, were several days a part, and at different times so I think something just spooked her. I am looking for a growth spurt to happen soon, which may interrupt her night time sleep and cause her to nurse more frequently. We’ll see…

Her naps have been so erratic! She still naps 3 times a day, but they have not been for consistent lengths. I have read that this is common because she is so aware of everything! If she hears a noise, she doesn't want to go back to sleep, she wants to know what it is! She is so sweet though. If she wakes up early, she just talks and coos and plays in crib, and never cries. I know she is thinking "Mommy will come get me." I have to go back in there and tell her that it is too early and she needs to go back to sleep (verbally and with sign language). I turn on her Sleep Sheep, and sometimes she fusses a little bit, but most of the time she looks and me and sighs, and puts her thumb in her mouth and goes back to sleep. It is so precious.

We tried NOT swaddling her for a few days, but now we have gone back to swaddling. I can't tell if it helps or hurts right now, but I think it helps make her naps more comfortable. Plus its a great way to let her know its time to sleep when we can't put her in her crib. She is so funny because I hear about all of these escape artist babies, but Isla manages to move all over her crib and still stay perfectly swaddled. She makes me laugh, I love her so :).


Isla can sit for as long as she wants to now! She actually had a bad spill when I sat her down for a minute on our rug (directly over hardwood floors) and she threw herself back because wanted to roll. I had a moment where I thought "Maybe baby helmets aren't such a bad idea..." I felt so bad because she cried, but I talked to my SIL, who is a pediatric nurse practitioner and she gave me all of the signs to look for if something was wrong. Isla was already laughing as I was talking to Tiffany on the phone, so I knew she was fine.

She's still a roller, and she can go anywhere and everywhere! She aims her little bootie or her shoulders and she just takes off!!! She's a mover. She has started rolling on her changing table, which I am working to correct. It is really for her own safety, but I think she's still too little to understand that the changing table is not a place to roll, but I'll keep working at it. Please excuse my messy house, but she started at the Bumbo chair on the top left and rolled all the way over to where I was dismantling her swing that she is now too big for!

Here she is watching the Aggie game online with Daddy!

Isla is pushing up on all fours now. She does it so well, she pushes up onto her knees and hands and then she will lunge forward. She is slowly building up her strength to hold herself up for longer periods of time, but so far the longest has been for about 15 seconds. I am making a Mommy Prediction that she will crawl by 7 months. She might not, but honestly, she is so close and trying all the time!

Since I have decided that Isla is going to be a Baby Wise baby all the way, I have started implementing Playpen Time (Baby Wise 2) and Blanket Time (On Becoming Toddlerwise). This is to teach her to play independently and also to learn to listen to Mommy. For Blanket Time, she is only allowed to play on our rug in our living room or in her room and not have run of the house. This takes some effort on my part because I have to move her back to the rug when she rolls off, but I think that it will pay off. It is going to be really hard once she starts crawling, but I know it will be worth it and I know that other Moms have had success with it, which is comforting! Once she is old enough to take on more responsibility, we will allow her a greater range in the house. The general idea is to house proof your baby and not baby proof your house, although we will still be securing furniture and covering sockets.

For Playpen time, I put Isla in the Playpen, I tell her that I will come and get her when the timer goes off, and I leave her with some of her toys. At first we started small with 5 to 10 minute play periods until she got the idea. Now she plays happily with her toys, but listens for the timer to go off, and when it goes off she laughs because she knows that Mommy is coming to get her. It so fun, I come and swoop her up and then we go and turn the timer off together. We are up to 20 to 25 minutes, and eventually we will work up to 1 hour when she is much older... like a year and beyond. Playpen time is great for taking showers or cooking!

She loves to blow raspberries. She gets so proud of herself when she gets a really good one!

She does not like the outdoors. She is like her Mommy that way. The weather in Louisiana has been so beautiful that its even gotten ME outdoors. I bring Isla out on a blanket and she just gives me a look like "I don't like this ONE bit, Mom!"

She loves ribbons and tags. That's all she ever plays with and they keep her very entertained.

Her Dad is working hard to get her to turn the pages of the books she reads! She does it sometimes, but we are not sure if it is deliberate. She's trying to figure it out.


I sound so braggy, but she is really sweet. I mean so, so sweet. The only time she gets fussy is when she is tired, but I don't blame her because I am picky about my sleep! People are always telling me how sweet, easy and calm she is. I am her Mom so of course I think she's just about perfect, but its nice to hear other people's kind words. They keep telling me that if I have TWO like her, then there will be some jealous other mommies!

Isla is a Mommy's girl and a Daddy's girl! Its been really cool because it feels like for the first time she is comforted by me, not because I am her Mom and I know what comforts hers, but just having me near or holding her comforts her. She likes my presence. She has started having some separation anxiety, and she will cry when she notices that someone other than me is not holding her. I just try to smile and pat her reassuringly so that she knows its ok if someone else holds her, and not reinforce her fears that things are only ok if she's in Mommy's arms. I do secretly love it, but I know its not a habit that I want to encourage.

Whenever her Daddy is around, she is all smiles for him! She loves him SO much, and they play together for hours. She just watches Nick whenever he comes into a room, and has a smile ready for him when he looks at her. Nick is also the best at noticing when she does new things. I should be since I am home with her all day, but he is always spotting news things, and he's the best at trying new things with her. He just knows her so well and knows what she is thinking. He plays with her in the bathtub for as long as she wants to, and they read together and they even wrestle! If you had told me when she was born, tiny little angel that she was, that we would be wrestling with her in 6 months, I would not have believed you! She loves to rough house with her dad!

Oh yes, and she WILL cuddle with Nick, but will not cuddle with me for anything! Haha, I love it though.
That's all that I can think of for now, but if you can't tell... We are so in love with our girl and she brings us so much joy! Nick and I laugh and laugh over all of the funny things she does, and she just makes everything better!


  1. adorable!!!! brings back so many memories. I love what you are doing with "playpen" time, brilliant, and sure wish I'd read this post before Connor was born. ;)

  2. Happy six-month!! I love the orange hat ... hehehehe.

  3. I love reading each month's posts because it is like you are describing Jake like a week ago :). Also, Jake has been eating solids for 2 months and it is SO much fun! It really brings out his personality (banging on the table when I don't go fast enough). I never breastfed so I don't know what that is all about but we still do 4 bottles/day so you can still have your snuggle time :).

  4. Happy Birthday to Isla! She is just getting cuter and cuter! I love the one with her tounge out!! They are growing up SO fast, which is bittersweet!

    I TOLD YOU Isla would crawl early!!!! Addison is too fat for crawling :)

    I have some pictures of baby food making coming your way!

    And I did notice the happy birthday blog was late, but I figured it was because of being out of town, pictures, etc.

  5. Oh and PS...HORRAY FOR BABY WISE :)

  6. You are such an engineer! I can't believe you figured out the whole "1/32" thing! You crack me up!!
    I tried the whole "play pen" thing... Avery would scream her head off and go from wall to wall and press her face against the edge (it was mesh) to try to get out. She hates to be confined cuz she hates her high chair and to be in a small room like the bathroom with me.
    Good luck! I hope it works for you cuz it would be really nice during showers in the morning.
    She is blossuming so much! :)

  7. Melissa - Maybe you can do Babywise with the 5th Beatle!

    Adrienne - I am dismayed to discover that she looks fabulous in orange, but she's still an Aggie girl all the way.

    Cindy - Thanks. I should get more excited about milestones and I am curious about how she takes to solids.

    Kelly - Isla is SO close to crawling!!!

    Jessica - I feel like such a dunce because its actually 1/34th of the way through but I was hoping no one would notice... that 1/34th instead of the 1/32nd makes me feel a little bit better though :).

  8. Oh my gosh... I am officially renouncing my title of engineer because its 1/36th. Wow. Mommy Brain much (or mush).


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