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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ella’s Baby Shower

So this is a post that I need to get out because little princess Ella decided to make her debut this morning! :) She was only 3 days early, but I had been counting on a few more days. I CANNOT wait to meet her and I am chomping at the bit as they say to get to Houston to see her!!!!!!!!

So last Sunday, September 26th I was lucky enough to throw a shower for Emily and little Ella! Yes we were cutting it close but that turned out to literally be the only day that was available for both Emily and me, and we started trying to plan this shindig back in June.

Ella is Emily’s second little girl, and I know that it is unusual to do a second baby shower, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Emily and I missed her first baby shower for Annie. I was a co-hostess for Annie’s baby shower, and I planned and planned for it. But first it was postponed because of Hurricane Ike, and then right before the second date my precious cousin Jenny past away from breast cancer, and I just couldn’t miss the funeral and being there for my cousin Wade and their two little kids Grace and Jack. Emily understood completely, but it has always haunted me that I wasn’t able to make that day to celebrate her and Annie.

Since it was her second girl, Emily already had everything she needed so we decided to do a diaper shower. Since I have been so into bows for little girls, I decided to give her a diaper cake decorated with a lot of bows and head gear! I bought her some special bows and some regular bows, and I totally stressed over this cake because I do not feel comfortable crafting, but I am happy with the way it turned out.

Here are all of the bows and hats and one outfit that went into the diaper cake! My favorite bow was the little ballerina bow on the bottom left since Emily is a dancer :). Jessica likes the little pink flower bow. I also bought a couple of personalized bows with Ella’s initials on them that didn’t make it into this picture.

P9210808This shower was a little crazy because we had a wedding 4 hours away (more on that later) the night before. So we had to have everything set up at my mom’s house before we left for Beorne, TX so that we just had to add the food when we got to her house in Magnolia, TX on Sunday.


Here is one fun thing we did that Jessica and I had done at my friend Elysha’s shower back in January. I set up a table with newborn diapers for people to sign and leave fun messages for Emily and Jeremy at night as they were changing Ella’s diapers.

P9260831We played 2 games. One was just a simple guessing game to guess how many diapers pins were in a heart shaped bowl. The second game was probably the grossest shower game ever, but I couldn’t really find any other diaper themed game and I knew we would have a fun crowd. Basically I melted 10 candy bars into diapers and then people had to guess what type of candy bar they were. Everyone was a good sport and I got some hilarious pictures!





The mama-to-be and me! Doesn’t she look beautiful?

P9260847All of the Pabor/Grinau girls, Hannah, Emily, Annie, Jessica and Avery! (FYI Emily and Jessica are sisters who married twin brothers! Sadly there are no more Gribnau boys left for Hannah, but she is doing just fine without one, ha!)


Emily just reminds me so much of the bible verse “A friend loves at all times” because she is so sweet and always sees the best in people (and I am so not like that!). She is someone that I wish I was more like; she is the best! Remember this quilt she made for Isla? You know, she also came to Louisiana right after Isla was born to see her and spend time with her and has gone way out of her way repeatedly to see Isla and spend time with her. That has meant so much to me. I have close relatives that didn't even come visit after Isla was born and have barely gone out of their way to see her! That is just Emily though, she is so important to me, she is family :) and I’m so thankful I was able to do this small thing for her.

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  1. You planned a wonderful, fun shower (and took some hilarious pics)! I'm so glad that I was able to meet you in person! :)


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