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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Champagne-Wells Wedding

So I am trying to take my mind off the fact that our Nobel Peace Prize winning President has decided that Americans are his enemy and need to be punished… I am trying to focus on something positive (hrmm… its sort of working).  I can’t think of anything that makes me happier than a wedding, and I have been meaning to blog about a sweet little wedding that I attending at the end of September when my dear friend Kristen Champagne got married to the love of her life, Matt Wells!

You know, there are few things that I love more than a Christian wedding.  In Kristen’s case, I have known her for years and I have watched her date without much luck but still conduct herself with the utmost integrity throughout the whole process.  I know that she had been ready to find Mr. Right and start a family for a long time, but she was never willing to settle for anything less than the man that God had chosen for her.  Finally she met a good Christian man through her church and bible study, Matt.  I have been so delighted for her ever since he started courting her because she has just been all lit up in side!  It has been such a special time for her.  I know that feeling.  I have said before that I had the most wonderful courtship with my husband, and I have only ever wanted that and even MORE for my friends.

I was so honored to get to attend their wedding and reception.  Tears poured down my face during their wedding.  I was so happy for my friend, and I felt so blessed to be able to watch her marry the man of her dreams.  It was beautiful.

I have so many favorite stories from the Bible, but I just love the creation of Eve.  In the beginning, God creates many thing and they are all GOOD.  Finally he creates man… but something is not right!  For the first time he has created something and it is NOT good.  There was something missing and God said “It is not good for man to be alone.”  So God created a helper for him!  Wild at Heart explained that the word for wife/helper can literally be translated as “life saver.”  So women were created to be their husband’s “Life Saver.”  I think that that is such an amazing honor!  My husband is lost without me :).

I love Christian weddings because they remind me of how precious marriage is to God, and the honor that Nick has bestowed upon me by making me his wife.  The also remind of what God’s expectations are of me as a wife and how I need to be obedient to Him (God, not Nick) and fulfill those expectations.

I cried and cried throughout the whole wedding, mostly out of joy for my friend, but also because in my heart I was also worshipping the creator of marriage for making this beautiful covenant and giving Nick and I the gift of oneness.  The Pastor did a beautiful job of going into Kristen and Matt’s story and he made it very sweet and personal.  I left in a state of euphoria.

That is really how I felt, but then I had to come back down to reality a little bit.  My mom had whisked Isla out of the church (my mom looks for any excuse to get Isla away from me) the minute she made a peep, and poor Isla freaked out in a way that she never does.  She was a little tired, a little hungry, and this was also the beginning of her separation anxiety.  So she was outside the church screaming the whole ceremony and wanting her Mama!!!  Poor baby… although it was a little funny.  She would not take the bottle that my mom had tried to give her, so I left the ceremony a little bit early and nursed her outside.

Here she is in church, before the meltdown.


We didn’t get any more pictures in that dress, because in true Mommy form, I had brought two outfits.  She needed the second outfit pretty quick because it did not take her long to cover her silk, dry clean only, Janie and Jack dress with spit up, milk, drool… you name it, it was on this dress! (Disclaimer: we did not pay full Janie and Jack price, we bought it off of eBay!)

Here is a family picture with Isla sleeping on Daddy’s shoulder!  She was so tired, but after that nap she was so good for the rest of the wedding.




Isla also had her first dance with an older gentleman…


It was actually just her Pawpaw (my Dad)!  She’s wearing her special Aggie dress since it was an Aggie wedding with a lot of her Mom and Dad’s old college buddies!  Don’t you just love her maroon flower bow?  I find the coolest bows in all of the Northshore baby boutiques!


The happy and beautiful couple!



So after reviewing my pictures, it seems that I should title this post “Isla Frances Attends a Wedding” because all of my pictures are of her! 

Oh well… I am sorry there aren’t more pictures of people besides Isla :(.  But it was a sweet, fun time catching up with old friends, and the Wann family can’t wait to spend more time with the new Wells family!


  1. What a sweet post, but I do love the Isla pics, and dresses!

  2. Great post!!!!!!

    Isal looked precious! I love the family picture, yall are so sweet!


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