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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Cookie Story

A certain little angel baby was seriously neglected in the making of these cookies!


Some of you may be surprised to find out that I love to bake, but I don’t like to advertise it because I have several crazy-talented people who read my blog who really love and know how to bake and decorate… one of them even worked at a professional bakery!  It keeps me humble.  Plus, you might not believe me because when I tell you that even though I love to bake, I have never, ever made sugar cookies!  I do not do pretty, I do yummy brownies and other types of cookies and pies that do not require decoration, but I decided to go out on a limb and try my hand at making a pretty cookie.

This all started because I had the privilege of co-hosting a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower for a friend, and then my mom introduced me to an awesome web site called Fancy Flours, and I decided to do a search for Peter Rabbit.  I found a cute little Peter Rabbit cookie cutter, with a picture of a cookie decorated to look like Peter Rabbit.

peter rabbitWouldn’t that be so cool if I could do that??? But I am not that talented, so I decided to keep looking.  I looked around the website some more and I came across something called Wafer Paper, a pretty decorative paper that you can use to decorate cookies and I thought that that might be something I could do!  I found it in a pretty, pretty pink and blue toile, which was perfect since we don’t know the gender of Baby Boyd.  I checked with the other hostesses and told them my idea and they agreed to let me supply the cookies for the celebration.

Originally I thought that sugar cookies might be a cheap contribution that I could make.  I already had all of the ingredients to make the dough, and all I needed besides that was the wafer paper (which was a lot for a little bit of paper) and the cookie cutter.  I was so WRONG.  Yes, I had the ingredients for the dough, but I did not have a rolling pin, icing, food coloring, a pen with edible ink, extra icing or even a decent cookie sheet because I always use a baking stone, and every thing I needed pointed to the fact that I needed something called a Silpat… really?  Suddenly my cheap project was not looking so cheap!  I started to get scared about the difficulty too and I began to wonder if maybe I should write the other hostesses and ask if it would ok to bring wafer paper covered brownies instead… BUT a commitment is a commitment, and I hate to be a flake and go back on my word!

Thankfully I was able to borrow a rolling pin, and I decided that I would have to make due without a Silpat and just use wax paper. Somehow I had wax paper in my pantry; I never use it so I am not sure how it got there, but it ended up being my best friend!  I also decided to just use a pencil to trace the shapes onto the wafer paper because a little lead never hurt anybody. :)

I also armed myself with all of the super, duper awesome advice over at Flour Blossoms.  Have you ever noticed it on the side of my blog?  Some people are so talented, and Lauren is one of them!  I was ready to get started.  I made the dough and followed all of Lauren’s advice to the letter, except I forgot to beat the egg before I put it in the mixer… :/.

P9110789 So I had my dough, and I was ready to get started.  The one piece of advice I didn’t believe was that you should use a lot of flour when rolling out the dough… I was so wrong, and Lauren was SO RIGHT!  I just need to say that for the record.  Use lots and lots of flour!  Also, rolling them flat (but not too thin) is hard…

Thankfully its easy to use a cookie cutter so they came out pretty decent, and I found that my cookies needed to bake around 10 minutes.  Don’t they look pretty?

P9110790While they cooled I got to work on the wafer paper.  This was probably the longest part.  It was just time consuming to trace and cut the paper.  One smart thing I did was save the scraps of wafer paper to test on a broken cookie piece!

After the cookies had cooled and I had the wafer paper cut out, I frosted the cookies.  Then I took corn syrup and brushed it onto the back of the wafer paper and put it on top of the frosting.  The cookies need to be turned faced down for 30 minutes, and then face up for 12 hours to let the wafer paper set.  Thankfully I made these a few days ahead of the shower because this whole process was pretty time consuming.  Being a parent is teaching me not to procrastinate because you can never tell how much time you will have later on!

P9120859 The results?  Not too shabby if I say so myself :).  Someone even said that they were the prettiest cookies that they had ever seen.  (“Oh pssshawww, no” I said as I inwardly beamed with delight!).  I was so proud that I even brought my china platter (that has never been used in 5 years of marriage) to put the cookies on at the shower.

P9120800In the end, I am proud that I made these and kept my word; it would have been so easy to go back on my word once I realized what I had gotten myself into!  I had fun even though it seriously took a very long time.  I will never, ever wonder why people charge $3 a decorated cookie again!  I may make sugar cookies again, but it will be a long time before I do and probably just for fun.  I am pretty sure that next time I need to bring a dessert to a shower, I will stick with brownies!


  1. Those are supper precious!!! And I'm sure my little sister will be the first to tell you, she and I have learned a lot of cookie lessons the hard way. She is super talented though!! I think your bunnies are oh so adorable!!!

  2. Oh my...IMPRESSIVE!! You did GREAT!

    PS----thats what Addison does when i cook...and we have the same onesie...size large of course! HE!

  3. Stori, they are precious! I really think you did a great job, and even though I've done it a million times it can still be pretty exhausting.

  4. I am soooo glad that you like them Lauren! I was hoping you would!!!


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