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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isla Frances is 5 Months Old!

Happy Birthday to our precious little angel!








Miss Modesty







Can you believe it?  I can’t.  I doesn’t even seem like a whole month since I wrote her 4 months post!!!  Time is going by way too fast, and I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.


Isla is so sweet.  She smiles and laughs all the time.  I took her to a baby shower on Sunday and everyone commented on what a sweet happy baby she was.  And that was with completely missing a nap!  Its funny because when I take the Baby Whisperer quiz, she doesn’t really score as an angel baby – she is all over the categories, but she is always smiling and cooing and so easy!  Of course she’s a baby, so she has her moments, but for the most part, she is just as sweet as she can be!

She loves her Daddy, she just stares at him all the time and is always happiest when he is home!

I love my daddy

Favorite Activities

Isla loves to jump in the exersaucer.  She hasn’t quite mastered it, but she will bounce and get really excited, then stop, then start up again.

She blows raspberries all the time.  It cracks Nick and I up, so we let her do it.  If she starts blowing raspberries while she is eating once we start her on solids, then we will work to correct the behavior, but for now, we are just getting such a kick out of her.

She laughed at Frodo for the first time.  We do not let them really play together as getting Frodo excited around her resulted in an accident that left her with a scratched cheek very close to her eye, (It makes me sick to think about it), but she does like to watch him.

She roars like a lion!  I am constantly roaring at her and she roars right back.  It is so funny.

When we put her on Mommy and Daddy’s bed she pushes up on her knees and elbows trying to crawl, then falls down, and then laughs and laughs!

Did I mention she laughs ALLLL the time!

She rolls and twists EVERYWHERE!  I can no longer leave her in one place and expect her to stay there.  I am going to do some research and invest in some type of play yard.  We need to start a more structured independent playtime.

She loves to wrestle with her toys.  She has this awesome little Octopus that her Boo got her, and the other day I swear she reminded me of Captain Nemo wrestling the giant squid!  She was all over her blanket clutching the Octopus squealing and grunting.  It was so funny!

She cannot get enough of her feet!  She is sitting pretty well now, but she would be sitting a lot better if not for her obsession with her feet.  She will also be sitting fine, but then twist and roll on the ground so that she can get over to a toy.

I love my feet


Her Routine

Isla is some where between at 3.5 hour and 4 hour routine.  Most days she is right on 4 hours, but other days she is a little less.  I think by 6 months she will be completely on a 4 hour routine.  It is so amazing how many things I can do in 4 hours.  I barely need to leave a bottle for her because I can usually be back in time for her feeds if I need to leave her during the day.  She naps 3 times a day, two long naps and a cat nap in the late afternoon/early evening.  She is still exclusively breast fed.  We will start evaluating solids at 6 months.

Isla sleeps through the night, every single night.  The earliest that she has woken up was 6 AM ONCE since she was around 3 months old and no night waking at all in that time.  Isla still has trouble sometimes at bedtime during her “witching hour”, but we have adjusted the routine and she is doing better and I am hoping this time it sticks!  We have pushed back her 3rd nap, and also her bedtime to after 8 PM and she has had a much easier time settling in.  I have to thank my pen pal Kelly for her advice on this one.  It has been such a blessing to have someone to go through all of this Babywise stuff with!  Its amazing when God puts someone in your life at the exact right time to help encourage you and give advice.  Isla now sleeps from 8ish to 7ish with out a Dream Feed.  Which brings me to…

We dropped the Dream Feed at around 4.5 months!  Now she normally eats 4 times a day, sometimes we top her off before bed if her day has been closer to a 3.5 hour routine.  I know the Baby Whisperer says to wait until solids are firmly established (around 7 months), but she started to wake up and cry, I mean a really terrified cry, right after the Dream Feed and it was becoming too much of a disruption to her night time sleep.  So we reduced it a few nights, and one night we completely eliminated it, and she didn’t skip a beat!


I would guess that she is around 16 lbs and still around 25.5 inches… maybe 26 inches.  We are not sure and our home measurements have been so off lately that I think I will wait until her 6 month appointment.  The pink and brown dress she is in is for 9 months!  I can’t believe it she already fits into it perfectly.  When I bought it back in June it seemed so huge!

She is just our little love and we adore her!  I’ve said it before, but she just makes everything so much sweeter!!!!


  1. STORI!!!! I LOVE ISLA!!! That picture of her hugging her bear is so cute...she looks so grown up! I cannot wait to meet her..SOON!! And give her a big snuggle!!! What a great update about a great lil one!

  2. I think you should throw the Baby Whisperer away, no doubt Isla is an angel baby!!! I can hardly wait until next week. Love you, mom


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