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Thursday, September 9, 2010


One year ago today we announced that we were expecting Isla! That was also the day of our first ultrasound, and I was 9 weeks pregnant (on 9/9/09). I can't believe that it has been that long. We found out that were were pregnant on August 5th, and some how we managed to keep it a secret from everyone for over a month! That was difficult, and something that I don't think we'll do again :).

I still can't believe that she's here sometimes. Below are some pictures from the day we found out we were pregnant! For some reason they kept coming out blurry. We took a lot of them. I had opted not to tell Nick my suspicions because we had had too many disappointments in the two years prior to that, but I had had weird cramping for several days. I wasn't late, but it definitely felt weird... and I started to hope! So I stopped at the drug store, picked up the test and I took it without telling Nick. And I waited. And waited. And sure enough it said "Pregnant."

I always thought that I would have some fun way to tell Nick when I found out. I mean, the way we told our parents was to give them a picture frame that said "Grandchildren are a crown..." with a note that said "A Little Wann coming April 2010". But when I told Nick, I just came running out of the bathroom and I think I said something like "We better start saving our money because I'M PREGNANT!" Or something like that... the details are fuzzy :). He was shocked, but soooo happy!!! Its funny because a few days prior we had been discussing our infertility, and he had looked at me and said "I had a dream, and I believe that you will conceive. And I think its going to be a girl." Pretty cool, huh? I can't wait to tell my Isla about it when she gets older.

Anyway Isla is the sweetest gift we have ever received. I need to post some pictures from this week of her in all of her adorableness :).


  1. Precious! That is a very sweet story.

  2. Praise God, he just continues to bless our family!

  3. HAHAHA CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good story!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!!


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