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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yummy BBQ... and its for a good cause too!

Cheryl Acord is a loving wife and mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has recently had a tumor removed, only for them to find several more throughout her body. I am sure that her family is devastated; its a very heartbreaking situation, and one that we will probably all find ourselves in one day.

As you know, quality medical care isn't cheap, so if you live in Houston and love BBQ, then please consider making your way out to Katy to the Elks Lodge. Good Old Boys Catering is hosting a fundraiser on September 11, 2010 and for $10 you can buy a plate of BBQ yumminess! You'll not only be filling up your tummy, you'll also be helping out the Acord family with their medical expenses. If you don't live close to Katy, considering going anyway and stopping off at the Katy Mills Mall for some quality shopping time!

You can find all of the information right here: http://www.cajun-eats.com/acordfundraiser.htm. To order tickets in advance, please call 281-391-4333 or email lprat@aol.com!

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