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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Stuff

I have been feeling so bloggy blah blah blah these past couple of weeks. I really want to get over that because I do have about 100 things that I want to record so that I don't forget them in the years to come - our A/C going out leading us to take an impromptu trip to Alexandria, the 4th of July and several other Mommies Groups that I have attended. BUT I just haven't been in the mood, so I thought that if I maybe blogged about anything that it would get my blogging juices flowing again!

1) I have been feeling major cabin fever and restlessness the past couple of days. I think its primarily because I am anxiously awaiting my mom and sister's visit on Friday. They haven't seen Isla for 6 weeks and she has changed so much! I pretty mush spend all day in worship of Isla (I can't think of any other way to put it). She is so funny and sweet, and sometimes I really wish that I had someone else to go crazy over every little thing she does with during the day (besides Nick, he is at work all day)! Having either Grandparents or Aunt Shawna around to just be in awe of her preciousness with me is just my most favorite thing!

2) Someone (ahem Cindy) brilliantly suggested that I should make a point to get out once a day, even if it just to fill up my car with gas to avoid the restlessness. So today, I popped Isla in the car and we went to the library and I checked out "The Changeling" DVD and "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. "Angels and Demons" was the most ridiculously stupid book I have ever read (Spoiler Alert: a man jumps out of a helicopter 2 miles in the air with only a tarp standing between him and gravity and he lives... oh my gosh, it was painful to read) but the DaVinci Code was a fun, easy, and fictional book and I enjoyed it. I am hoping that having a book to dive into will help pass the time much faster than ironing ever could!

3) I am supposed to start working from home soon, for about 10 hours a week. I am really looking forward to it since I have so much time on my hands thanks to the greatness of Baby Wise!!! The only hold up, someone who reads my blog has yet to send in the proposal to obtain the work... so, when you read this, GET BUSY!!!! (Its actually my Dad).

4) The Tour of the South that we were planning to take in the fall will most likely get postponed for a little while due to having to replace our entire A/C unit. My husband informed me that it isn't so much a Tour of the South as a trip to the Smoky Mountains. I wish that he had just said "Honey, will you plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee?" What he actually said "While we are in Louisiana, I really want to make sure we visit the rest of the south. What say we take a road trip in the fall?" So I assumed Charleston, Savannah, Natchez... the usual places, and proceeded to plan! When I told him our plans, it turned out what he really meant was the he wanted to drive to the Smoky Mountains and make a stop or two on the way there and a stop or two on the way back. ARG!!!

5) I am trying to master ironing. I looked up Martha Stewarts tips on ironing. I am not good at it. It takes me roughly 15 minutes per garment, and they still have wrinkles when I am done!!! Am I the only person with this problem?

6) I just want to emphasize that even though I have cabin fever, I am so thankful that I get to stay home with my Isla. Getting a little restless and bored every now and then is much better than being stressed out because I feel pulled in a million different directions and worried all the time because I don't know exactly how well Isla is being taken care of. I am so blessed and I adore my husband for making this happen, and I love spending so much time with my sweet little daughter. Plus, I get to take naps during the day... um, how great is that???

So, I will close out for now as I anxiously await the arrival of my family tomorrow! I am so excited that they are coming and that they were able to make time to come and see us. This is the third time for my sister in 4 months! She is just crazy about our Little Frances, but I can't say that I blame her! Now, off to read a little Dan Brown and take a little nap...


  1. When I started ironing shirts, I also looked up how to do it!! You just get better with practice, unfortunately. I think I can starch a shirt in 90 seconds now -- how nuts is that? I setup the ironing board in front of the TV when I'm doing it, and the time just flies. :)

  2. I cant iron either. I just do my best :)

    I get cabin fever too---however I have to LIMIT my outings each week :) I try to only go places 2-3 times during the week days cause its so stinking hot! Everything is so close by my car doesnt ever cool off during all the running around.

    You are such a good mommy!!! I love listening to all the stories of adventures with Isla! Today I was playing with Addison and I so wished I could have called you up and asked you to come over so that we could laugh at all the silliness. One day, one day!

  3. Adrienne: 90 seconds? Really???? ARG. I'll just keep plugging along and maybe I'll get the hang of it.

    Kelly: I wish we could have play dates too!!! These babies are the funniest little things :), I spend all day laughing over them.

  4. This is one of my favoritest posts. I bow in awe to all you ladies who iron; very impressive. In our house ironing = dry cleaning. funny story: one of my law school prof. told us (close to 10 years ago--yeeps, I'm getting old) his 10-ish year old son asked what an iron was when he saw it, b/c they too were an iron = dry clean family.

    Even when I used to try to iron, I was always a disaster; somethings would honestly come out worse than they start, which may be partly why I gave it up.

    p.s. you can always just post pics of your gorgeous girl; that's a brilliant blog post!


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