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Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Frances has her first flight!

I drove home with my mom and sister last Wednesday and stayed in Houston through Sunday so that I could help my mom with my cousin's baby shower. It was the perfect time because Nick was in class in Baton Rouge all weekend and he had a ton of work to do! We had a great time in H-Town of course, but it had to end all too soon and we were anxious to get back to Daddy!

Oddly enough I wasn't nervous about flying with Isla... I didn't really think about it. I didn't think about it so much that I realized that I didn't bring Isla's birth certificate with me to Houston when I woke up Sunday morning, and Nick wasn't home to send me a copy! Of course there ended up being much ado about nothing, and long story short, since Isla is obviously not 2 yet, they let me bring her on board without verifying her age.

My plan was to check as many bags as possible, and all that I had to carry was my diaper bag and Isla in her Baby Bjorn so that I could have my hands free. I checked a HUGE suitcase and I bought a travel bag for her car seat and checked that. Security was no problem, and I even got to go in a special line for people traveling with small children... that was awesome because the airport was very crowded!

I started to get nervous about taking Isla on the plane while we were waiting in the airport. She is normally a pretty easy baby, but she had missed an entire nap and also it was getting close to her meal time. I was hoping to stave her off until we got on the flight, but she started fussing so I had to nurse her right in the middle of the airport. It was not fun, even with my discrete nursing cover. I have never nursed her in public by myself before so I was nervous. It did not do the trick and she was still fussing so I walked over to a gate that didn't have many people and reloaded her into the Bjorn with a pacifier and she calmed down.

Once we got on board she was a little angel the entire flight! It wasn't a full flight and it was hilarious to see people start to sit next to us and then move quickly away once they saw Isla. I don't blame them, and it was nice because we got an entire row to ourselves. She nursed during take off and landing so her ears never bothered her, and other than that she just looked around.

I tried to get her to take a nap, but there were too many distractions this way.

So I turned her around, and sure enough my little angel baby fell into dreamland.

Once we got home, she could not get enough of her Daddy. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. They just stared and smiled at one another and she kept reaching for his face. Traveling is fun, but its so much better to be home with my family!

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  1. Good job Isla and mommy on the flight! I am so glad you had empty seats next to you!!!! That is so sweet that she was laid out on the seats sleeping!


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